Today’s post is going to be all about some wildly shifting multichromes from Femme Fatale! This June they come out with three beautiful shades created specially for the Multichrome Madness Facebook group (click here to join).

There are three polishes (*) in total in this release and while all of them are multichromes, there are some extra fun going on there aka flakies, glitter etc. The names for these shades were submitted by the members of the Multichrome Madness FB group by the way which is great! I love it when brands involve their fans and all polish lovers in general in any creative process.

The polishes are available from June 14th at 9am AEST — July 1st, 2:59pm AEST at Femme Fatale website (link)

Cantarella (LE)

Cantarella is described as a dark teal-greenish base with pink to gold to green multichrome and scattered silver holographic glitters in two sizes.

This is one of the shiftiest polishes ever! When I first read the description I was like «Teal? Teal base? I can’t even see the base, the shift is insane!» The teal base is there all right but the polish likes to show all the hues it has so you will need to trick it to show its base colour 🙂

It is very pigmented so I only needed one coat of polish. Top coat is recommended here due to the glitters.


Delphinium (LE)

Delphinium is described as a plum-ish base with blue-pink multichrome and green/blue iridescent flakes. I love the name of that polish, it fits this polish perfectly. The way this polish looks will depend very much on the lighting — under artificial light or in the sunlight you will see more of a metallic polish and the flakies won’t be catching much atttention but their shining moment comes when the polish is in the shade — they will stand out against the base in the most amazing way!

I needed two coats to get the polish opaque. The brand recommends applying this one in thin, even strokes to get the best result and also applying a top coat to smooth everything out and I totally agree with that.


Hemlock (LE)

Hemlock is described as a rich purple base with green-pink-purple shifting shimmer. This shade did not catch my attention immediately because I was screaming «flakies!» and «glitter!» too much but after that I calmed down a little bit and took a closer look and then I fell in love. That particular shade of purple base and green glow (green dominates there so I’m going to call it green just to make it easier) go very well together.

I needed two coats to get it opaque.

When I received my package with these three polishes I thought I would choose Cantarella as a fave but now I am more inclined to pick Hemlock 🙂

What is your favourite of the bunch?

*provided by the brand