Today I am going to show you several new shades from the new Fire Lily collection (*)  by Femme Fatale. The Fire Lily collection is inspired by the four Pellinor books, a fantasy series by Australian author Alison Croggon. The story mainly revolves about the character of adolescent girl Maerad, who was forced into slavery along with her mother as a child, after the sacking of the Bard school of Pellinor.

There are eight new shades and they will be released for presale on 9am AEST May 1st – 5th on their website. The collection will be restocked several times and it will also be available at the stockists. I added the link to the stockists page if you are interested.

Let’s now discuss those new shades, shall we?


The first one we have is this gold beauty here. The brand describes it as an aged gold with a hint of olive, full of holographic particles and holographic flakes. I used two coats to get the polish opaque.


The next shade has a lot going on there 🙂 The brand describes it as a warm toned brown with the barest hint of a red shift, filled with an array of silver holographic particles, silver and gold holo glitters, green iridescent glitters, copper glitters, matte pastel pink glitters and more. Two coats were enough and a thicker topcoat will be welcomed here too.

Inner Dreaming

This is one of the two thermal polishes we’re getting in this collection. The brand says that it is a brown (cold) to clear (warm) thermal with pink glow and pink/purple to green shifting iridescent flakes. I needed three thin coats.

Fire Lily

Flakies! Yaaay! I love flakies so of course I’m happy to get a polish with them 🙂 The brand describes it as a polish jam-packed full of red flakes and glitters into a slightly blue-tinted jelly base, rounded off with a bit of the wannabe-Unicorn Pee pigment that flashes from red to green. It takes some time to get it opaque but you can use the sponging technique to save some time. I applied it as a regular polish in three thin coats.

I also wanted to show you how it looks over white. The photos below show one coat of Fire Lily applied over a coat of white cream polish. You can see that the base of Fire Lily

is definitely blue 🙂

Nameless One

You know I’m biased because it’s blue but look at this one — it’s perfect! The brand says that it is dark blue jelly filled with fiery red chrome flakes, reddish pigment, silver holographic glitters and the wannabe-Unicorn Pee pigment which flashes from red to green. I used two coats for my pictures.

The Mark of Darkness

Another great shade! I really love dark polishes, I guess 🙂 The brand describes it as a gorgeous royal blue-toned purple base with a soft pink-green multichrome shifting glow. I needed two coats but you might end up needing three with this one.

Fates Bound Together

Another thermal polish which is so pretty! The brand says it is a blue (warm) to purple (cold) thermal with pink shift and red iridescent flakes. I used two coats on some nails while on others it definitely required three ones. Topcoat will really help here too to make everything smooth and glossy.


Femme Fatale does awesome whites! I loved the white shade from the previous collection and I love this one too! The brand describes it as a wintry pearl white base with turquoise shine, filled with black holographic glitters and blue iridescent glitter accents. Three thin coats and a thicker topcoat and you’re left with a pretty white once again!


The struggle is real here because I want to pick three favourite as (almost) usual and it’s kinda difficult.

Still, if I had to, I’d go with Nameless One (obvious, yeah.. but hear me out! This blue is too good to pass!), Fates Bound Together (I simply love both cold and warm shades of that polish and the beautiful flakies make it even better) and now the most diffficult part — I am struggling between choosing Winterking and Treesong. Since I chose a white polish last time, I am going to go for Treesong today but keep in mind that Winterking is awesome too. No, I don’t consider it to be cheating:)

Any loves?


*provided by the brand