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Hi there! Today I’m going to show you the new trio that Femme Fatale, an Australian brand, has created to celebrate their anniversary.

The Anniversary Trio is loosely themed around the body & affliction as the creators thought it was interesting and matched with the colours quite well 🙂 There are several different finishes in the trio, and it will be available within a one-time-only presale (Oct 2-6th) and will go to stockists once only as well.

Let’s have a look at the polisjes now!


This polish is described as a swampy green jelly with a luminous pink to green multichrome shift. Yes, it’s a green and a really swampy one but that multichrome pigment plays tricks and shows you a purple polish instead of green hehe 🙂

This polish is quite sheer so you’ll need at least three coats on its own. I did three and that was fine but if you’re a person who likes their coats to be veeeery thin, then you’ll probably need four. You might want to apply a coat of Hypoxia over black — it will save you time and will also give you more saturation of colour instantly.


This shade is described as a light fairytale pink linear holographic with a strong golden sheen. I couldn’t agree more about the fairytale quality. It does look like that. It photographs a bit brighter and more towards lilac. The gold sheen makes the shade softer and more princess-y (in a good way). It also makes this shade look more on the nude side which is a good thing because it looks delicate and mellow.

I needed two coats for my pictures but depending on your application it’s possible that you might need three.


This shade is described as a light sweetheart pink glow filled with magenta chrome shifting flakes, pink iridescent shifting flakes, and silver holographic glitters in various sizes. Now this is the polish for celebrations of any kind! It sparkles, it shifts colours, it’s playful and it’s crazy!

It is loaded with flakes and glitters so it’s noticeably thick. I needed two coats — I would like to say thin coats but it’s quite difficult to make them really thin since the polish is that thick in texture 🙂 It looks awesome on its own but it’s also a wonderful thing when layered on top of some sheer nude polish.

Femme Fatale never ceases to amaze me with their creations. They always bring out incredible glitter mixes and often come up with colour combinations that I least expect and often end up admiring (even though some of them don’t really look amazing against my skintone).

This time The Favourite Award goes to Aphantasia because it is so flamboyant and serene at the same time that I can’t help but fall in love with it.

Did any of the shades capture your attention?

*provided by the brand