For the month of November Femme Fatale takes us for a trip to Agraba and meet Jasmine and maybe hug Rajah if we’re lucky. The collection features six new polishes + a re-release of Jasmine which was first introduced in the Enchanted Fables collection. The pre-order will be open November 1st-5th on the brand’s website and the collection will also be available via stockists (as a pre-order too probably).



Let’s start with the princess. Jasmine is described as a teal (cold) to clear (warm) thermal with strong green-to-red duochrome shine. The brand says this shade can be pearlescent when in the warm phase due to the duochrome pigment, and complete opacity may be more difficult to achieve. Cold state should be opaque in 3 coats. The polish does look very much pearlescent when warm and it was opaque for me in three coats but my nails are pretty short. I love the cold state a lot and wish FF would come out with a shade like that.




Rajah is said to be an earthen gold crème with red metallic microglitters. This one is tricky because that red glitter makes the polish look more orange but the base is definitely more of an earthen gold as the brand says so keep that in mind. I did two coats for this one and had to do two coats of topcoat which was a surprise for me.


Beautiful Desert Bloom

This polish is a sultry soup of shining magenta and pink holographic glitters and microflakes offset by a blue duochrome sheen and blue iridescent glitters. Oh it’s a soup all right 🙂 It looks so beautiful in the bottle but let it not trick you, this one is not the easiest to apply. I cursed, then held my breath, and then I cursed again. Mind you, I only did two thicker coats… I would have gone mad in three. The problem is that once I applied two coats of topcoat to smooth everything out, it actually was really pretty. I don’t know where to draw the line here. I didn’t like the application but the end result is nice. I also think that if I thin it out a bit and use it as a topper over something off-white, it will look great. I’ll give it a try for sure. Later. Probably with a glass of wine to help me 🙂



Phenomenal Cosmic Powers

This is a thermal that goes from a rich deep blue (cold) to a slightly purple-tone (warm) with turquoise to pink shifting glass flecks and scattered aqua microglitters. I did two thicker coats with this one. I went to FF’s website and saw their note that the thermal transition in this shade is slow/not as strong as their other thermals. They point out that the warmer state is a bit harder to achieve than you may be accustomed to. They also say that some swatchers did not experience this issue – but some did. I didn’t know there was an issue because the polish changed its colours the same way my other thermals did but I thought I would let you know that there might be issues.


Magic Carpet Ride

This polish is described as a glimmering blue soup filled with red iridescent glitters and scattered silver and teal holographic glitters. Oh a soup again! Don’t worry, this one behaves better 🙂 I did three coats for this polish and I must warn you — this polish is very sparkly and very shifty! There are small flecks or shimmers that give that green glow that shifts fuchsia purple whenever I move my hands. You can see the glimple of that purple-ness in the close up picture but it’s more noticeable in person.



Sands of Time

This one is said to be a bold, lively orange base packed with green-gold iridescent glitters in various sizes. This one is on fire! It’s very bright! I did two coats and you can still see my nail line but I decided to stop at that because I really liked the amount of glitter I got with two coats of polish.



Cave of Wonders

The last polish of the collection is described as a deep purple base that leans more blue toned than red, which gives way to an array of glistening ruby micro flakes. This is an absolute beauty! The base and the tiny flakes go so well together that it’s no secret which shade is my favourite this time 🙂


So you’ve just read that my favourite is Cave of Wonders. It applies easily, looks amazing and has a colour and finish I really enjoy. I also liked Beautiful Desert Bloom in terms of colour/glitter combo but it’s still tricky to apply so I can’t pick it as a wow shade 🙂 There are also two colours for the month of November, let’s see  what we got there.


November COTM and FOTM

Each month Femme Fatale has two new shades to offer, one is their Colour of the month which is available at their website and also goes to stockists, the other is a fiend of the month exclusive to the members of their Facebook group, Fiend polishes are only available on the brand’s website.

China Roses (COTM)

This polish is described as a demure pinkish coral base with strong violet sheen and scattered violet holographic glitters. I was very excited for this shade when I saw it in the bottle but sadly it doesn’t go well with my skintone. I did two coats of polish here and added topcoat which makes everything smooth and glossy and brings out that violet sheen.


Velvet Drapes (FOTM)

The Fiend is described as a blue based purple satin with a slight duo-chrome shift to gold; packed with holographic flecks and sapphire blue holographic micro-glitters. This one is right up my alley or, to be more exact, up my skintone’s alley 🙂 It is nicely pigmented so I did two thin coats and added topcoat. Those blue holographic glitters make all the difference for me, I love how they look against the base and add a little bit more «something» to the polish. Definitely my fave of the two!


To sum it up — I was quite predictable and chose two dark shades as my faves. No regrets, though, as both are equally gorgeous and perfect for November (well, my November for sure). What about you? Did you pick a fave?


*provided by the brand


  • Wow, what a stunning set. I like the thermals, so pretty <3

    • Femme Fatale always brings us wonderful thermals, this time my fave is Jasmine, such a lovel shade! 🙂