Can you believe that Valentine’s day is just around the corner? I am still not over that the New Year’s eve was more than a week ago 🙂 The good thing, though, is that we get a beautiful trio of polishes because of Valentine’s Day and this time it’s all about the poison garden and those cruel flowers that lure us in with their beauty only to do us harm. Let’s see which harmful plants we got here.


Lobelia actually is a genus of flowering plants that has about 415 species. Many of the species aren’t really different from one another. Their flowers are usually intensely-coloured which makes them very popular as a flowering plant choice for a garden. Why is this sweet plant here if it’s that nice? Well, many species are considered poisonous and that makes it a perfect candidate for this mini-collection 🙂

The brand describes this shade as a earthy, foresty green foil with a slightly tealish base and aqua shimmers. I needed two thin coats for full opacity and it looks great even without any topcoat. No staining detected btw.



Laceleaf, or anthurium, is another poisonous flower that looks pretty but can be harmful. This one also has a lot if other names that are as pretty as the plant itself. Just listen — flamingo flowers, for example. Doesn’t it sound lovely? It does to me until I remind that the cute flamingo flower is actually poisonous and its sap is irritating to the skin and eyes. Very nice of you, laceleaf!

The shade is described as a juicy raspberry pink jelly with pink-gold shifting magnetic shimmer and green iridescent flakies. I did three very thin coats and used a magnet for every coat. I think it will also look beautiful in one coat over a raspberry or strawberry coloured jelly polish. I didn’t use a topcoat here.



Up next we have Bloodflower, or Asclepias curassavica, as smart people call it. I won’t even try say that out loud or maybe I will because no one can here my futile attempts anyway 🙂 This one has a lot of other more names that are way easier to pronounce, cotton bush being one of them. How cute is that? This flower is actually a source of food for butterflies so at least it’s not poisonous for everyone. The plant can be toxic to human skin though and poisonous if ingested so it’s not exactly human-friendly 🙂

The shade itself is described as a golden orange holographic with red iridescent flakes and fine silver holographic flakes. It is fully opaque in two coats and I think topcoat is very recommended here to smooth everything out. Flakies will be thankful for that — it’ll make them look way more beautiful. The base colour is amazing! So fiery!

This trio can only be purchased as a set. It is available now on the brand’s website (here) and it will be available through stockists later in January.

As to my favourite — if I had to pick one, I would go for Lobelia shade. I like the colour contrast between the shifting flakes and the raspberry base in Laceleaf and I adore the colour of Bloodflower. However, my polish choices are heavily affected by seasons and right now it being winter implies that I will appreciate that mossy green the most.

*provided by the brand