For the month of  March Femme Fatale took their inspiration from the painting by Vincent van Gogh. According to Sophie, the mastermind behind the brand, she took the adaption very literally, so a lot of the shades were matched to the palette in the painting. She views this collection as very earthy, summery and airy and likes the overall sense of peace and calm that the painting gives the viewer.

The polishes will be available March 1st-5th on the brand’s website and via stockists. There are six polishes all together so let’s now see the swatches, shall we?



Saint-Rémy is described as a smooth terracotta that is slightly a deeper tone. It’s very warm and earthen. I couldn’t believe it when I saw the description! A creme! From Femme Fatale! I didn’t have a creme from FF because there aren’t any cremes! Okay, there was one that came out in 2016 but that’s it. I haven’t tried that one but this terracotta beauty here is very nice. It applies easily in 2 thin coats and it dries quite fast even without topcoat. The colour will vary significantly due to the lighting conditions and your particular skintone.

Full of Air & Life

This shade is described as a bright blend of goldenrod yellow and apricot orange, finished with iridescent glimmering green-blue flakies. This shade of orange benefits greatly from a nice source of light (be it a natural source or an artificial one). I was surprised to see that it covered nicely in 2 coats. If you’re a fan of really thin coats, then you might want to use 3 (I did for some of my nails). Topcoat is highly recommended here to smooth out the flakes. I would go for something gel-like, that way you can probably get away with one coat.


Exquisite Nature

The next shade is described as a vibrant, lively chartreuse green packed with holographic flakes, golden holographic microglitters and a scattering of holographic particles. I’m always excited to see a colour like this! They just feel happy to me! The blend of many holographic particles in there works wonders in creating some kind of a multidimensional effect. It dries textured because of the glitters so I’d go for a thicker topcoat to smooth everything out and add glossiness to it.


The Asylum’s Garden

This shade is described as a pine green crème, filled with metallic glitters in navy and deep purple. The base colour is one of those shades of green/teal that never photographs right. Then there are different screens that make it even more difficult to even try and show the colour in its most accurate way. My laptop shows this polish with a bit more blue than I see in person, the bottle picture below is probably the closest colour. The formula is great here, I almost ended up using one thicker coat but then decided against it and went with 2 thin coats. It dries textured so I would recommend a thicker topcoat to even out the texture and make those metallic glitters pop.



This polish is described as a tranquil, soft sky blue crème with subtle copperish duochrome. I’ve been waiting for a colour like this from Femme Fatale. The brand does shimmery polishes like no other — the shimmer in their polishes are often so fine that it looks like some kind of fairy dust. The end result (aka the polishes) are magical to me. The formula is nice here, I was able to get the polish opaque in 2 coats. There are some darker specks in it (pigment maybe?) that you can definitely see in the bottle and up close but they are not that noticeable from afar.


The Lightning Conductor

The last polish of the collection is described as a deep blue jelly filled with green-teal shifting iridescent glitters. This one will need to be shaken before use as the iridescent glitters seem to thicken polish a little. I forgot to shake it and yes, the polish did feel like it was too thick for my taste. I really liked that blue base and wanted to keep the colour visible so I opted for one thicker coat of polish (I wasn’t able to do thin ones anyway! :-D). I don’t recommend trying that at home! It covers well — the base is pigmented and there is a lof of glitter — but I think shaking the bottle and going for 2 thin coats would be easier to do. I did 2 coat of topcoat with this shade because those bigger glitters needed some serious smoothing out 🙂 It was worth it in the end, I absolutely loved this shade!



Each month Femme Fatale brings out polishes of the month. The theme and the pictures that inspire the shades are chosen by members of the brand’s Facebook group. Their COTM (colours of the month) are available on the FF website and via stockists, the FOTM (fiends of the month) are only available to the FB group members.

For the month of March the colours will have a portion donated to a charity/fundraiser/relief for Australian bushfire victims. The brand has chosen to go with WRAP (Wildlife Rescue & Protection) which provides carers, shelters and rescues for wildlife across Gippsland, VIC. They are donating $2 from every March COTM/FOTM bottle sold direct to customers, and $1 from every March COTM wholesale bottle sold, to the organisation mentioned.


Banksian (COTM)

This polish is described as a velvety night sky of a polish – deep blue base with a slightly satin finish, filled with silver holographic glitters. The colour was inspired by the red-tailed Black Cockatoo. As a big fan of blue polishes, I am in love with this. It has a slight sheen when the sun or when any lamp light hit it but in the shade it’s a beautiful night sky.


Brushtail (COTM)

This polish is described as a warm brown linear holographic with golden duochrome and golden microglitter. The colour was inspired by the brushtail (common) possum. I like the glow the microglitters give, it warms up the polish and makes it look as alluring as a cup of cocoa on a rainy day.


Colletti (FOTM)

This colour is described as a tri thermal between a golden ochre brown (warm) to a red tone (middle) to a deep red/black (cold). Within are teal iridescent glitters. It was inspired by the Collett’s Snake. The polish goes from dark chocolate through amber hues and then turns caramel-like or honey-coloured. It’s a beauty to watch it change colours. I did 2 coats of polish + added a thicker topcoat because those glitters dry textured otherwise.


I am really loving this release! It seems so versatile yet cohesive. I am especially happy to see a collection inspired by van Gogh’s work (Especially since it’s the Irises! I love that painting and I love the flower itself).

As to my polish favourites, I would say that Solace and The Asylum’s Garden are my top picks (but you already got an idea on how many faves I really have here, hehe).


*provided by the brand


  • Nice set and lovely photos. The thermal looks fab! 😀

    • Thanks! That thermal is sooo good 🙂

  • I think the blues have it for me! All delicious and fabulous shades! 💙💙💙

    • They are absolutely amazing! I’m still fascinated by The Lightning Conductor 😍