It’s time to show you the new collection that Femme Fatale has created for their September release. The collection is inspired by The Craft film from 1996, I haven’t seen it so I can’t really tell anything about it. Google says it’s a supernatural horror film so I’ll just leave it at that. There are six polishes in total and this time the brand opted for darker shades mostly. Let’s see them up close.

Invoking The Spirit

It is described as a pink to blue to black tri-thermal with ethereal turquoise glow and scattered holographic particles. I actually forgot that it’s a thermal polish, it wasn’t particularly hot here so the polish applied evenly showing only it’s blue shade. I was instantly in love but then I went to check the description and oops! I didn’t see the pink colour on me, it was more of a lilac shade. It got warmer if I used extremely hot water but that’s about it. The lilac (and the black, for that matter) had no problem showing, though.


This one is described as a burgundy jelly base with a very subtle greenish glow over a multitude of gold holographic microglitters, assorted orange-gold-copper chameleon flakes and small gold reflects. This is a very rich shade and very autumn-appropriate (at least, for me). I love how comfortable and warming it is. It took two coats to get fully opaque and a coat of topcoat to smooth everything out.

O Serpent One

This polish is said to be a luscious, serpentine green with teal undertones filled with assorted sizes or red/copper/green iridescent glitters. The brand says right from the start that this one can be somewhat fiddly to apply and that is what you should keep in mind. The glitters make it a bit more difficult to work with because the texture feels thicker, I had to make some additional brush strokes here and there to disperse those glitters in a more even way. It also dries matt so you’ll definitely need topcoat because that’s when magic happens. It looks incredibly beautiful with a glossy topcoat on! My photos show two coats of polish + topcoat.

Light As A Feather, Stiff As A Board

This polish is described as a gleaming chameleon – a strong turquoise to pink duochrome glow with blue glass flakes and silver holographic flakes over a woody green base. Hmmm, I can definitely seen that woody green shade when looking at the brush shot but on my nails the polish pulls more grey. The duochrome glow is really strong indeed, I had to force myself to stop staring at it and start taking pictures finally 🙂

We Are The Weirdos, Mister

This one is said to be a truly inky indigo jelly base packed with the last of the brand’s rare iridescent flakies that are now discontinued. The flakies shifting from copper-gold-green and green-teal-blue. To put it simply — it’s a stunner, that’s it. I did a thicker second coat for no apparent reason and that made the polish look darker than it potentially could be. Two thin coats will be enough and you’ll be left with a stunning inky gorgeousness on your nails. The flakes are thicker here so the removal process will be a bit more tricky.

Scary Bitch Alert

The last shade from The Craft collection is a sheer purple base with blue tones that allows this dense chameleon flakie to layer up beautifully on the nail. The chrome flakes shift from a startling bright pink through to gold and green. The polish is sheer and it took me three coats to get it opaque. It applies evenly though which makes it a great layering polish.

I love how well these polishes look together as a collection and that makes me hesitant to pick just one 🙂 I like Manon a lot with its autumn vibe and then there’s also the lovely tri-thermal that I had a chance to wear for several days and loved every minute of it.

But wait, there’s more! I also have the COTM and the FOTM for September and two special polishes. Let’s see them too!

Lunar Pearl (COTM September)

This polish is described as a smoky redwood purple base that gives way to a turquoise gleam, blue iridescent glass flakes, scattered holographic particles and super fine copper metallic flakes. I really like the look of those copper «freckles», they make the polish looks so pretty! Topcoat makes them pop more so I would recommend using it with this shade.

Sequin Stardust (FOTM September)

This polish is said to be a soft sea-green creme with golden holographic glitters in various sizes. Oh this is instant love for me! I love the colour, I love those glitters and the combo of them both just makes me say «yes, please!» The base colour is apt to look very different depending on the lighting. It leans more green, more blue or more grey from time to time (My bathroom lights make it look absolutely grey, for example) and I guess your skin tone will have a say in how this shade would look too.

Now to the special polishes. This is a newly launching project where makers can create exclusive products with a portion of proceeds going towards a charity that is voted upon. Femme Fatale will be donating a portion of proceeds from the following two polishes that will be available between August 23rd — Sept 30th to the chosen charity for the month — Brain & Behavior Research Foundation. The group with all the information can be found here — click.

Create Your Sunshine

This is a rose creme with strong golden shimmer and holographic particles. It is so very soft and calm that I want to wrap myself around with this shade. I like that this shade has a beige tinge to it, it makes it easier for me personally to wear this colour.

No Rain, No Flowers

This polish is described as a pink-berry thermal with green-purple duochrome shimmer. The pink (warm) shade looks like it has been infused with some coral undertones. That duochrome shimmer is very noticeable too, much more than you can see in the pictures. It has a satin finish on its own so I added topcoat here. And one more thing — how amazing is that name? Sometimes it’s really hard to see with all that rain but it helps to remind ourselves to just wait for the flowers.

That’s all I have for you today! I hope you enjoyed these new shades and picked a favourite too! Thank you for reading 🙂