For the month of April Femme Fatale drew their inspiration from Care Bears which resulted in really soft and pretty shades. The collection consists of 6 polishes, all of them having different finishes and textures.

Femme Fatale’s regular collections are usually available via stockists but it’s better to get the correct information directly from your stockists of choice. The brand offers one pre-sale of the new collection via their official website here Apr 1st-5th.



The first shade is actually a thermal and is described as a luscious smooth purple (cold) to bright pink (warm) thermal. When I first applied this polish, it didn’t really want to transition to its warmer hue so I ended up washing my hands with hot water to make it work. After that «hot bath» (it didn’t take long, I just washed my hands as I normally do, just the temp of the water was a bit higher) the polish changed its colours perfectly well. I did 2 coats for my pictures and then added topcoat because the polish dries matte. If you see those drag marks in the last pic — that’s the topcoat’s doing.



This one is described as a glass fleck foil (a luminous blue to purple shift) with a sheer purple base and silver holographic glitters in various micro sizes. This is one of Femme Fatale’s signature finish and they’ve done quite a few different foils with shifts that are always mesmerising to watch. They are usually sheer so all those flecks and their shifts would be visible. I did 3 coats with this polish and there is still some nail line showing but with all the shifts and sparkles it doesn’t matter much. I’m also thinking of using this one in a jelly sandwich, that should turn out nicely too!



The next shade is described as a soft, ethereal blue creme with subtle violet sheen. I was very excited when I saw this one! I love light blue shades and this one is so pretty with its purple glow! I had to do 3 coats but I was really hoping I could get away with 2. I wish the formula was a bit thinner, it’s easier for me personally to work with thinner polishes. The colour is still pretty no matter what. I like the subtle sheen (which is a bit more noticeable in real life vs in direct artificial lights) and those sparse silver glitters.



The next polish is a delicate seafoam green linear holographic (that leans ever so slightly teal) with subtle red iridescent microflakes. This is such a little darling! The holo particles are very fine here which adds up to the overall softness of the polish. Then there are little flakes that glimmer here and there offering additional colour bursts. The formula is great here, the polish applies so easily and I managed to get it opaque in 2 coats, very pleased with it and with myself too 😀



This shade is described as a teal-blue foil shimmer in a muted golden base, with superfine holographic flakes. This is one of those polishes that I can never pull off. I love how it looks on someone with darker skintone (it shows the depth of the skin colour in such a beautiful way, and the polish itself just looks so glowy) but I find that it does nothing to my own skin colour, except maybe washes me out 🙂 I love the contrast of that teal shimmer so I’m thinking maybe I could make it work by applying one layer over something. While I’m considering ways to wear this polish, here’s 3 coats of Funshine on its own:


True Heart

The last polish of the collection is said to be a simple white crelly filled with assorted microglitters in yellow, copper, red, purple, raspberry and teal. The base isn’t a stark white, it’s more of a milky shade, an off-white, if you will. It looks white on the nail but if you put a polish next to something bright white, you’ll see the difference. I was able to get it opaque with 2 coats but with longer nails you’ll probably need 3 coats. It dries textured because of the glitters so I added topcoat to smooth everything out.


COTM/FOTM for April

Third Eye (Colour of the month)

The brand’s COTM is described as a medium deep blue crelly with teal-blue shifting chameleon flakes and superfine golden holographic glitters. If you love teal shades, you’ll probably like this one. It’s a bit brighter in person and those flakes shift so well. I love that FF added those tiny gold glitters in there, their little sparks look so perfect there. It does dry slightly textured so I added topcoat.


Ghost Glass (Fiend of the month)

The FOTM for April is described as a purple (cold) to warm (turquoise) thermal with small pink matte glitters. The contrast is insane here! It has such a wow effect on people who aren’t into polish and don’t know about thermals. I laughed so much when this shade was on my nails 🙂 The colours change very quickly here and you’ll also be able to see some kind of teal-y blue shade when the polish transitions which I like too. I did 2 coats for my pics but there’s some nail line showing when my hands are warm (which doesn’t bother me but might be a deal breaker for someone else).


Lotus Mist (PPU April)

This polish isn’t part of any regular releases but since it’s also available in April, I decide to include it in this post too. This is Femme Fatale’s contribution for Polish Pickup theme of Aquatic Wonder. If you’re new to Polish Pickup, please visit their website (here) to get more information.

The shade is described as a sheer plum-red base with a green-purple multichrome shifting pigment and golden glitters. The base colour will not be very apparent when layered; it just gives a hint of dimension. I like the idea of sheer polishes that can be built up or layered over something else. Typically, I’m not drawn to colours like this but I kind of like the mix of shades in this polish and the shifts are really pretty to watch in real life too. I did 3 thin coats for my pictures but you can make this shade brighter if you wear it over a nude/ridgefilling base (that often has that light colour to it).


My favourites from the Care Bear collection are True Heart (I just can’t stop admiring whites with glitters, yes) and probably Wish. Or Harmony. Because they are equally gorgeous.


*provided by the brand


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