This October Femme Fatale celebrates their anniversary and moving into the 9th year of business. In 2015 they released the Sanctum Trio for the Anniversary, this year the brand is bringing back this trio PLUS a Sanctum Volume 2! The Sanctum Trios are both inspired by an ethereal, gloomy and eerie landscape (Ghostlands) from World of Warcraft. This was one of Sophie’s (the maker) all time favourite zones and she says she still has lots of fond memories of playing her character there.

However, these colours are not just for gamers! The mood board is their real-life interpretation of this area in the game, which gives you the general atmosphere. I’ll leave the moodboard picture below for you to get an idea of what inspired the collection’s colour theme.

The collection will be available Oct 1-5 on the brand’s website and also via stockists. The shades will be available as sets only — there will be Sanctum Trio 1 and Sanctum Trio 2. I’ll add the info which set each polish belongs to to make it easier.


Ghostwoven is part of the Sanctum Trio 1. It is described as a bright turquoise shimmer which shifts to pink-purple at an angle, and is filled with silver holographic glitters. It is quite sheer but it builds up in three coats. I was surprised to see it dry not overly textured even though there’s so much glitter. I would wear it with topcoat anyway but I didn’t add it for my swatches. That pink-purple shift from the description is more noticeable in real life but it’s kind of shy in front of a camera. I got a glimpse of it in my thumb picture but it looks a bit washed out there 🙂



Graveborn is part of Sanctum Trio 1. It is described as a muted green-tinged-grey crelly with a strong purple overlay. It’s a very beautiful colour that leans more grey or green depending on the lighting. It applied well but I wish it was just a bit thinner. It isn’t really that thick but I prefer thinner textures when it comes to most of my polishes so it’s just my personal preference (it’s easier for me to apply them). I ended up doing three coats although it can be opaque in two if you’re more comfortable with the texture, I think. I added topcoat here because the shade itself didn’t have enough shine.


Luminous Spire

The last shade from Sanctum Trio 1 is Luminous Spire. It is said to be an antique silver with strong gold dust and platinum flakes within a linear holo finish. This one is very pretty! Whenever I think that there are enough silver and gold shades out there, a brand comes out with something extremely cool and I have to eat my words again. That gold dust in the polish together with the holo makes it ethereal and the flakes give it a unique appearance. I did two coats for my pictures and did not add topcoat.



Now let’s take a look at Sanctum Trio 2! The first shade is described as a gleaming turquoise base filled with micro holographic glitter shards, golden holographic glitters and mixed chrome flakes in green and blue. It is quite sheer on the first coat which makes me think it can also be used as a very pretty topper. I used threen thin coat to build up the opacity and added topcoat to smooth everything out.


Sanctum of the Moon

Sanctum of the Moon is part of Sanctum Trio 2. It is said to be a dusty blurple filled with holographic reflects and gold-green-blue shifting glass flecks. The glass flecks here aren’t afraid to shine bright so those gold and green reflections are very strong 🙂 I did two thicker coats this time and skipped topcoat.



The last shade from Sanctum Trio 2 is Shadowpine which is described as a teal-toned, evergreen jelly base filled with assorted chameleon flakes in gold, green and lime. It’s a real beauty! (I mean… What else do you expect me to think about greens?) It applies very evenly and only needs two coats. I added topcoat to make the flakes stand out more and show their colour shifts!


There are also COTM and FOTM as usual, this time we get a glitter shade and a flakie one. Let’s have a look at those.

Captured Firefly (COTM)

It is described as a velvety deep purple (almost navy) jelly with a scattering of orange-green iridescent hexes in various sizes. It’s a sister polish of O Serpent One which was released last month, only in blue this time. It’s a gorgeous polish with a bit of a crazy attitude. You’ll need a cup of patience to apply it and then just add a good thick topcoat to let the magic work. I did two coats and there was some extra brush work to spread the glitters more evenly. The polish dries matt so topcoat is a must here to make those glitters pop.


Marshfang (FOTM)

Marshfang is described as a smooth, satiny blue filled with aqua glass flecks, pink-gold-green chameleon flakes and scattered holographic reflects. It’s such a gem to apply! I did two thin coats and then added topcoat to help those flakes get brighter and shinier 🙂 It has a tad more teal to it than my photos show but on me it pulls more  of a true blue and loses that teal-ness.


So… What should I pick? I really loved Graveborn with its purple glow against that green-grey base and then there’s Goldenmist. Oh and Shadowpine… and Luminous Spire. Well, it looks like too many so I’ll go with Graveborn for sure and Goldenmist because I didn’t think I fell in love with it so much on my nails.

What about you? Which shade looks the prettiest to you?




  • These are gorgeous 😀