Femme Fatale’s new release is just around the corner and today I want to show you their new collection of polishes. I was getting worried that my package would never arrive in time for me to show you the swatches but luckily the post showed some mercy 🙂

This collection is inspired by the 1995 American coming-of-age film of the same name, about four lifelong friends who share their memories of the unforgettable summer of 1970, the summer their innocent younger selves. I personally haven’t watched the film yet so I can’t tell anything about it but there is a mood board for this collection with images from the film that helps understand the choice of colours very well. I always appreciate when there is a picture or a set of pictures that inspired the shades, I just love to see the back story, I guess.

These colours looks exciting, right? Let’s see the polishes now.

The Summer of 1970

The polish is described as a goldenrod yellow jelly with strong green-gold-red shifting pigment and aurora shimmers; accented with small golden holographic glitters. This one is quite sheer. I would even say significantly sheer. Usually when Femme Fatale says a polish is opaque in 3-4 coats, I need only 2 or in some cases 3. Here I did need 3 coats where my third was a thicker one, one of my nails needed 4 thin coats but the overall result was the same. You can minimise the number of coats by wearing a nude-coloured base (I usually wear my Essie ridgefilling base that does the trick wonderfully).

The coloured itself is a beautiful honey gold. It feels like it has been warmed up by summer weather and those lovely rays of sunlight. The shimmer in the polish is very strong and gives it a refreshing note as if you were offered a glass of ice cold lemonade. Nice and sparkly!


You’re A Trip

This shade is described as an orange toned brown base with subtle turquoise-pink shifting gleam, holographic accent and red iridescent flakes. I did three thin coats for this polish and added a coat of topcoat because those flakies always appreciate it.

Usually I am not the person to fall for this type of colour. They can look weird against my skintone so I tend to avoid them. Recently, though, I’ve been craving crazy shades. «A collection with some unusual shades? I’ll take that» has been my motto and I’m not resisting any weirdness that comes my way 🙂 To cut the story short, I wore this polish gladly and enjoyed it a lot. Then I mattified it and enjoyed it once again.


Dear Johnny

The polish is described as a cool-toned-grey crelly with soft blue sheen and scattered holographic glitters in various sizes. I did three thin coats for my pictures but I think I’ll wear in in two coats over a ridgefilling base next time. It needs a coat of topcoat to smooth everything out and make the glitters happy.

The colour is a very light grey and the shimmer is very strong so the result is (at least I see it that way hehe) more of a light blue shade with grey undertones 🙂 It leans more grey though depending on the lighting. My camera got a little confused while photographing this and mistook this blue shimmer on the nails for something lilac. I don’t really know why it had no problem capturing it right on the brush or in the bottle but this is how it is.


Gaslight Addition

It is described as a khaki green crelly with red-orange-green chameleon magnetic shimmer. It was really good in two coats but I decided to paint a third one and it added more depth of colour. If you want a softer version, you can get away with two.

Since this is a magnetic shade, I used a thicker last coat of polish as I always do with any magnetic polishes. It helps achieve the result I want — the magnetic effect that is very noticeable. It did the job here too. I also really liked the colour of this polish. It’s a softened khaki nude, I would say. Sometimes it leans more green (maybe that chameleon shimmer helps?), sometimes it gets more beige but always pretty. I like that it is a kind of neutral but with a twist.


Truth or Dare

This polish is described as a mustard yellow crelly with soft red glow. I did three thin coats for my pictures. It glides so easily on the nails that I can’t help but thank the brand for getting their formula just right all the time. The drying time was great here too so my mani was really quick with this shade.

As to the colour itself, I think this is the perfect mustard. Whenever I think about mustard in terms of colour, I always picture something like this in my head. It is caramelised sunshine, that’s what it is. Delicious!


Like Mother Like Daughter

This is described as a clear (warm) to pink (cold) thermal with assorted matte glitters in white and neon pink, and holographic pink glitter accents. Yay! I can’t really think of Femme Fatale without their awesome thermal polishes. This is such a treat, I’d say! It’s undeniably yummy and playful and it’s a such a pretty glitter bomb! I knew I was going to love it and now I just want to show my nails to everyone and say «Look how cute that polish is!» I’m typing this with this exact polish on and I can’t be happier.

The polish is very versatile in terms of how many coats you’ll need. I did two on my left hand and it looks just great. Yes, I can see my nail line when my hands are warm but that is kind of how it it with clear things, right? 🙂 My right hand wasn’t so lucky though. My nails got stained badly a week or so ago because of a seemingly harmless polish (well, there were two of them and I don’t know which one was the cruel one) so I had to apply — you guessed it — my ridgefiller again to cover the staining. Then I added three coats of this pink beauty over there and a coat of topcoat. When my hands are warm, this polish looks like a sheer nude colour with glitters in it. I don’t mind, it still looks great but I wanted to make it clear what exactly I’m wearing in my swatch pictures.


I’m sure you have already guessed the favourite of mine. It is that pink thermal, no doubt! I love it to pieces and can’t get over how pretty it looks when cold, warm or whatever condition it is in. There’s just something about that polish that makes me happy every time I look at it. I liked the other shades too but I stick to my rule — «if I had to pick one, I would…» 🙂

The collection will be available for one presale only March 1st-5th on the brand’s website (link) and it will also be available through some stockists.


*provided by the brand