My last post for November is going to be about this beautiful collection from Femme Fatale. Their December release, L’Escarpolette, is inspired by The Swing painting (or The Happy Accidents of the Swing) by Jean-Honoré Fragonard. As the brand says, not only is this painting delicate and fun, but also rich and moody in it’s colour palette. They’ve chosen to go with rich shades and a few whimsical pieces thrown in too and I find that they did such an amazing job with the colour palette and finishes of the polishes.

I’ll leave their mood board below to see where the inspiration comes from. The collection wonderfully encompasses gentle hues artfully combined with some darker and bolder colours. All six shades will be available December 1st-5th on the brand’s website and also via stockists.


Clandestine Affair

The first shade is described as a pale blue (warm) to violet blue (cold) thermal, with reddish duochrome shine and scattered holographic flecks. This is an absolute pleasure for someonw who’s into both blue shades and thermals (me). It gets almost baby-blue when warm so I expect that it will look amazing somewhere during the summer too. Now that we’re knee-deep in cold weather, I mostly enjoyed seeing it in its cold state (which is also very beautiful). You can tell that I really like this one, can’t you? I did two thicker coats but when at its warmest the polish showed me some unevenness so maybe a third coat wouldn’t have hurt either.


Lace & Ruffles

The next shade is described as a polish that has startingly bright blue-purple glass foil finish and is filled with silver holographic glitters in various sizes. This polish is very shifty and looks so great in the shade when the holo quietens down and the pink-purple-blue shifts come in full bloom. It is noticeably sheer so it can be used as a topper. I used three coats here and no topcoat.


Two Lovers

This polish is said to be a sheer, luminous violet pink base gives way to assorted red holographic glitters and shreds in various sizes. I still have trouble believing that I like pink shades but yet here we are… I really like this one! It is indeed a sheer shade so I guess you can make it work as a topper if you want. I did three coats for my pictures and even though I can see some unevenness to it, I love the way this polish looks.



This shade is described as a pale sage green crème with strong mushroom-beige undertones, and packed full of ruby red microflakes. That’s a beautiful description, isn’t it? Well, the polish is even better when you look at it 🙂 It’s a sister polish of Cave of Wonders shade from the previous (November) release in terms of those particles. Can we please have every colour with them? They look so great!


Joie de Vivre

This polish is described as a smooth medium pine green with a luminous violet glow. I love it when FF does their «glowy» shades. The shimmer in those is so fine that it does look like an inner glow. The brand says it gets opaque in three coats but I was okay with two. I would also suggest topcoat because it intensifies the glow well.


Sylvan Glade

The last polish of the collection is said to be a blackened forest green jelly base filled with holographic emerald glitters. Oh heavens, this is pure bliss! I’m always in when it comes to beautiful dark shades and this one is perfection! Those green sparkles look so amazing shining through the dark base. It’s a treasure of a polish if you ask me. Two coats here. THe polish benefits from topcoat — you can see the difference in the pictures where my index and pinkie fingers don’t have topcoat on.


Shades of the Month

As usual with the brand, there will also be two colours of the month for December. The theme for December is holiday desserts and we get two very pretty shades to celebrate that. You can vote for a theme for future months and see the inspiration pics in this Facebook group (here).


Gilded Crystals (COTM)

It is described as a sheer elegant white base with soft golden shine, and assorted glitters in bronze and gold holographic. When it comes to photographing light shades, I’m completely hopeless so please just believe me that this polish is much more beautiful in real life 🙂 I used two coats over a slightly tinted nude base but with a clear base, I think, it’ll take three coats for sure. Shown with topcoat. This colour is available via stockists.


Sugar & Snowflakes (FOTM)

The brand’s Fiend of the Month of December is described as a translucent rose pink base with reddish shine, lavender holographic glitters and matte purple glitters. Another pink, another yes from me 🙂 This one is a fluffy and soft little thing, it’s so cute that I can’t help it, I like it a little more than I even care to admit. I did two coats here, it isn’t 100% opaque but with a shade like this I don’t really mind and then there’s also shimmer and holo to distract me from some not-so-opaque parts. This colour is exclusive to Femme Fatale website.


This release is so good in my opinion! I liked so many shades that choosing one isn’t really an option this time! My random fave will be Clandestine Affair simply because why not 🙂 If you’re into dark shades, I highly recommend taking a closer look at Sylvan Glade as it is absolutely sublime.


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  • Oh wow what a stunning post! I love these all and your swatches are amazing 😀

    • Thank you so much! The collection is super pretty this time! I can’t believe I loved so many shades 🙂