It’s time for something bright! Today I have five juicy polishes from Femme Fatale to share with you. This is the new collection of polishes that was inspired by the 1999 American comedy, Jawbreaker, which is about an exclusive clique of teenage socialites that accidentally murder their best friend on the morning of her birthday. The collection is primarily tied to the bright, funky fashion and décor aesthetic from the movie – except for Sweet Sugary Death which is specifically designed to resemble a classic jawbreaker lolly.

It is a LE collection and it will be available April 1st-5th for one pre-sale only at the brand’s website (here). The collection will also be available through stockists. Now that we’ve discussed all the when and where things, let’s rush to see the beauties!


I Killed The Teen Dream

This polish is described as a smooth teal-blue crelly with green-blue shifting iridescent flakes. It’s one of those teal shades that prefers being a beauty in disguise when it comes to showing its true colour for the camera. It may appear too blue, or too washed out, or too dark. If you ever saw Cirque Wanderlust, you’ll know what I’m talking about. It’s a very bright teal that leans more turquoise green and I do find it very alluring (how could I not love a teal? Impossible!)

The brand says the polish is opaque in 3-4 coats but I only needed two (plus top coat). I do have three coats on my ring finger because I bumped against a table with my finger and needed to cover that crime with an extra coat 🙂



This shade is described as a summery papaya orange with turquoise gleam and holographic accents. The brand had me at papaya 🙂 I love food (I mean who doesn’t, right?) and every polish that is described using food words is a good polish to me. This is a very new to me shade because I don’t have a soft orange in my collection. It photographs brighter than it really is so I had to colour correct my pictures a bit. The greatest thing is that in real life it’s not dull or anything like that, it’s just more mellow. The turquoise gleam is pretty noticeable too, much more prominent than it looks in the pictures.

I did three coats with this one and I used a ridgefilling base coat underneath.


Sugary Sweet Death

The polish is said to be a creamy white base filled with multicoloured glitter shreds. Hands down the most delicious thing polish-wise. Do I even make sense? How can a polish be delicious?! As ridiculous as it may sound, I still insist on using that word because it really is a candy turned into polish! My swatches show it as too crisp of a white, it’s more like a cream as the description says. Love it to the candy moon and back!

I did three thin coats and I didn’t even need to do any glitter placement, although the brand says that a touch of glitter placement can possibly be required.

The Beautiful Ones

The polish is described as a vibrant, juicy lime green packed with red iridescent flakes. The brand says that it is a crelly base but leans more towards jelly so you may have visible nail line. It is noticeably sheer and it does take some coats to build this up. My free edge is very bright and I usually use a nude base to wear underneath my jellies and crellies which helps conceal my nail line. Still, I also needed to do four coats of polish to defeat my VNL (it might look like it’s still trying to win but nope, in real life I don’t see any nail line at all).

I get why it’s sheer and I actually don’t mind the sheerness. It makes the flakes stand out a lot, it makes the polish looks airy and fresh and it helps to maintain that jelly effect even after four coats of polish. It also looks awesome as a topper if you’re not in the mood for many coats of polish on its own 🙂



This shade is described as a stunning bright purple-magenta with scattered hexes in lemon, hot pink and purple. This is probably the craziest shade in the collection, it’s so vivid and intense that it catches one’s attention even if that one didn’t care a thing for polishes in their whole life 🙂 The brand says the polish may require some glitter placement and it did require it strongly in my case. My first coat of this polish resulted in getting only one big lemon hex for five nails. I had to shake the bottle rigorously and then fish for some glitters and that did get me to the result I hoped for. Maybe they wanted to play tag and I was supposed to be «it» and chase them and I just didn’t understand…

The base looks more cool-toned in the bottle than it does on my nails. I don’t mind that, I like hot magenta pinks on my nails a lot. I did three coats for my swatches but I could have easily gotten away with two base colour-wise but I wanted to have more of those pretty glitters on my nails so I ended up doing three coats.


This collection is incredibly amazing! I was hoping someone would release a handful of bright fun shades and this release surpassed all my expectations! Jellies with glitter and flakes and all of them so pretty! I am hesitant about picking favourites. I mean, just look at them! A high does of fun and joy! How could anyone say no to these? 🙂

If you still wish to press me, I’ll go with Sugary Sweet Death. Why? Because you pressed me and I had to come up with an answer very hastily! 🙂


*provided by the brand