For the month of February Femme Fatale is treating us to an anormous collection which is part 4 of their Enchanted Fables series. We’ve already met handsome princes and heroes, wonderful princesses and heroines, and charismatic villains from different tales; now this is the time we get a glimpse of another important aspect of every narrative — a location where everything takes place! So prepare a big cup of tea/coffee/hot cocoa or any other drink of your choice because this post has 20 polishes to talk about + 1 exclusive shade to marvel at. You might even need a snack! 🙂

The collection will be available Feb 1st-5th on the brand’s website and via stockists. The exclusive polish will only be available through the official Femme Fatale page (click here).

Candy Cottage

Candy Cottage comes from Grimm’s Hansel & Gretel. This shade is said to be a pastel neon peach-orange (cold) to a yellow (warm) with a violet hue. Femme Fatale sure knows how to make an orange that will look appealing even to me, a person who’s not really into orange shades at all. The recipe is simple — make it pastel but save the brightness + make it thermal! I love this polish and can’t wait for the summer because that would be the ideal season to rock it. Maybe you’re lucky to enjoy sunny weather all year long but that doesn’t happen here so…

The polishes applies easily but that pastel neon quality of the polish does have it drawbacks — I needed 3 coats for full, even coverage. 3 coats isn’t something that makes me stay away from beautiful shades but maybe for some people it’s a deal breaker. Shown with topcoat.


Room of Straw

Room of Straw comes from Grimm’s Rumpelstiltskin. I love this character so I had high expectations when I saw the name on the box. The shade is said to be a deep brown (cold) to ginger (warm) thermal with turquoise shine.

It reminds me of Trees Talking in Their Sleep which FF released a couple years back. The warm shade isn’t the most flattering on me but the cold state of the polish is rather pretty. Shown with topcoat.



Neverland comes from Disney Peter Pan. I was really happy with last year’s shade inspired by Peter Pan so I’m pleased to see that another Peter Pan-related polish is pretty as well! It is described as a teal-blue (cold) to mint green (warm) to lime yellow (warmest stage) with turquoise shine.

I did two thin coats for this one and decided to leave it at that. It was kind of cold so I had a nice gradient with this polish on my nails and thought I was fine. When my hands got fully warm and I saw the lime yellow shade, I realised that 3 coats would have been a better idea. 2 coats show a little bit of nail line when in warm state while 3 coats would have covered completely and also given a more vibrant shade of green/yellow. Oh and while we’re at it, the shimmer here is much brighter! The polish even looks turquoise sometimes. Shown with topcoat.


Wild Forest

Wild Forest comes from Grimm’s Snow White. I like Snow White so I’m really glad to see a colour inspired by this tale. I haven’t read the tale though, only saw the Disney film so I don’t know the bookish description of the forest. The polish, though, is described as a teal-green (cold) to light green (warm) with pink-gold shimmer.

I tend to love most thermal shades with less contrasting colours. They give such a beautiful gradient in transition! This one is wonderfully accented with shifting shimmers which make it an amazing polish with a twist for me. 2 coats + topcoat.


Witch’s Garden

Witch’s Garden comes from Grimm’s Rapunzel. Again, I haven’t actually read the tale (only saw a film) but the polish itself is so pretty! It is said to be a musty blue (cold) to green (warm) with pink-copper duochrome shine.

I have seen several thermal polishes with similar colours but I don’t actually own anything that I could compare it to. Most of the polishes I’ve seen have three colours or two which are somewhat brighter so that makes this particular FF shade quite unique. I did 2 coats with this polish but when completely warm its green shade looks a bit patchy in 2 coats so I would recommend doing 3. The polish dries matte so I finished my manicure with a glossy topcoat (which works well to bright out that shimmer).


Hedge of Hazel

Hedge of Hazel comes from Grimm’s Red Riding Hood. It is described as a murky blue (cold) to clear (warm) with pink-copper-gold duochrome. The brand also says that since this is a clear thermal in the warm state, it ends up being more of an pinkish/tan state due to the pigment’s colour.

Now let me tell you a little story. See how my middle finger differs in terms of the warm state colour? That’s because it has a different topcoat on. I had to repaint my nail with Hedge of Hazel and add one of my other topcoats. Why? I think I’ve said it before but yet here we are again: Sally Hansen No Chip is the worst topcoat in the entire history of nail polish. It made the FF polish «freeze» in that mid-state colour and the polish never fully got warm. My other topcoats worked perfectly fine and didn’t interfere with anything.


Winter’s Quarters

Winter’s Quarters comes from Disney’s Dumbo. It is described as a tri-thermal that goes from black (coldest) to grey (middle) to beige (warm) with green to purple sparks.

The shimmers change the perception of those base colours quite a bit. I always want to say that the darkest state is teal when in reality it’s clearly black 🙂 It takes 2 coats to get opaque + topcoat to add shine and make the shimmer stand out.


Realm of Monsters

Realm of Monsters comes from Disney’s Moana. It is described as a black (cold) to red (warm) thermal with violet duochrome. The violet leans it rather pinkish-wine coloured in the middle stage of transition.

This was the first polish I tried from this collection and I fell in love immediately. The formula is great here: the polish applies easily and it only took 2 coats to get opaque (for my nails). It dries matte so I added topcoat.


Cair Paravel

Cair Paravel comes from all the Narnia Chronicles by C. S. Lewis. It is described as a muted pinkish (cold) to purple (warm) thermal with gold shine. The polish actually a tri-thermal, its coldest state being something like antique rosewood colour.

It is nicely pigmented so I ended up using one thicker coat for most of my nails (my ring finger nail got two thin because I painted it first and didn’t know that the pigmentation would be so good!). Shown with topcoat.


Tower in the Woods

Tower in the Woods comes from Grimm’s Rapunzel. The colour is described as a soft fawn tan with luminous green-pink duochrome shine. This is not something I would choose myself but I’ve seen similar polishes on people with darker or warmer skintones and oh my, those people rock this colour!

The formula here is lovely though. The polish applies easily in two coats. There are some brush strokes when the polish is wet but once it dries, the brush strokes almost disappear.


Hundred Acre Wood

Let me explain this weirdness happening in the photo 🙂 This polish was renamed in the process so it was my last minute attempt of hiding the name that wasn’t relevant anymore. Now that’s out of the way, we can discuss the polish itself. Hundred Acre Wood comes from Winnie-the-Pooh by A. A. Milne. It is described as an inky blue base packed with green-blue-purple sparkles.

The shimmers here are bigger in some other shades above and they do shift wonderfully so you can easily see those purple hue in real life. The formula is good here, easy application in 2 coats. Shown with topcoat.


Land of Toys

Land of Toys comes from The Adventures of Pinocchio by Carlo Collodi. You know, all this time I thought that this shade was connected with Toy Story for no apparent reason and yes, I did read the info on this shade when I got my swatch package 🙂 Anyway, the shade is described as a vibrant purple base with green-red duochrome shine and it’s sooo good!

The shimmer here shifts great and you can see more of that shift on the nails (my lighting set up isn’t really the best to show that but oh well…). Look at the edge of the bottle and the macro shot to get a better idea of that pink loveliness. It might leave brush strokes if you’re not careful enough (my middle finger is a great example of that). I did 3 thin coats and didn’t use any topcoat here.


Bubbling Mire

Bubbling Mire comes from Hans Anderson Little Mermaid. It is described as a electric mustard with turquoise shine. I would never think of getting myself a shade like that but wow, it’s so pretty and I ended up liking it so much! I do think I’m too pale for it now and the seasonal polish lover in me says that our weather here (the never-ending gloom) doesn’t allow this polish to look its best so I’ll save it for maybe April and certainly September 🙂

The formula is great here. It took me two coats to get it opaque but it might need 3 depending on the length of you nails and your application style. Shown without topcoat here.


Forbidden Wing

Forbidden Wing comes from Beauty and the Beast by Gabrielle-Suzanne de
Villeneuve/Disney. I love Beauty and the Beast, it’s my favourite Disney film so anything inspired by it is good in my book 🙂 The polish is described as a navy jelly base with brilliant blue-purple sparkles. This colour reminds me of Prince Florian (see here) but the sparks look kind of different, the new polish doesn’t have aqua sparks. I love shades like this so my bottle of Florian now has a nice company.

I did two coats of polish with no topcoat.


Cherry Tree Lane

Cherry Tree Lane comes from Mary Poppins by Pamela Lyndon Travers. It is described as a vibrant red toned pink with luminous blue shine. It is such a surprise love for me! I tend to stay away from bright pinks with shimmer. I prefer them to be creme or better crelly/jelly but I can’t resist this one! Maybe my tastes have changed or maybe FF just put some magic in this one but I’m in love.

I’ve had a hard time with this one in terms of how it appears on different screens. My phone tends to make everything brighter (especially reds, pinks and magentas) so this polish screams neon there. My laptop shows a more true-to-life colour which is still bright but not crazy. The formula is lovely here, 2 easy coats and you’re done. It dries down to a satin finish (look at the macro pic) so you’ll want to topcoat it to make the shimmer stand out.


Pearly Foam

Pearly Foam comes from Hans Anderson Little Mermaid. It is described as a classic pale satin pink, this one has a turquoise shine. The brand says that this one may be a bit streaky due to the white tint. The formula is okay here, I did have to use 3 thin coats to make it fully opaque and even but it’s not a big deal to me.

The turquoise shine is more noticeable in person but likes to stay away from the cameras 🙂 I like the combo of pink and turquoise green so I wish the base were a bit thinner (more jelly-ish) so the shimmer could shine even more through it.


Castle Behind Thorns

Castle Behind Horns comes from Grimm’s Sleeping Beauty. It is described as a rich navy base with a hint of purple, and strong copper shine. Oh that is a deep dark beauty! The navy here balances on the verge of being black but that’s the advantage of those black-but-not-black shades, they look softer and often more interesting that a simple black.

It’s very pigmented so you can probably get it opaque in one thicker coat. I would recommend 2 thin ones, it’s easier to apply a shade this pigmented that way and you’ll get more contrast between the base and that shimmer. You’ll also want to topcoat it to bring out that copper glow because the polish dries to a satin finish.


Elephant’s Graveyard

Elephant’s Graveyard comes from Disney’s Lion King. To tell you the truth, the last time I saw this film, I was probably 7 or 8 so I don’t remember all the details but the polish is amazing! It is described as a lovely pale lavender with grey undertones, copperish glow and golden shimmers.

It is surprisingly opaque for a lighter colour so I ended up doing 2 coats + topcoat. The cool base decorated with that warm, golden glow looks fantastic! Such a cozy combo!


White Witch’s House

White Witch’s House comes from the Narnia Chronicles by C. S. Lewis. I love Narnia so I’m glad to see a polish inspired by it here 🙂 It is described as a sparkling, brilliant silver packed with two types of holographic silver flake, silver holographic micro shards, and silver chrome flakes. I expected a white when I saw the name (I’m just always excited for a white, don’t mind me) but then I saw this silver, got confused, re-read the lable and it dawned on me that it’s actually about her house so it fits perfectly well. My attention span is pretty limited after a see «white» describing a polish or as part of its name, yep.

This is very sparkly and very befitting the castle of the White Witch. Those bigger flakes make the polish stand out from other silvers I have in my collection. It takes 2 coats to make it opaque + topcoat to smooth everything out.


Burnt Island

Burnt Island comes from Voyage of the Dawn Treader in the Narnia Chronicles by C.
S. Lewis. Another Narnia-inspired shade here, yay! It is described as a slightly brickish red with silver-gold-blue shifting sparkles. The shade is beautiful… when it’s not on my nails! Sadly, I can’t pull it off so I have to admire it on other people.

The formula is nice here, 2 coats for full opacity. I didn’t use use topcoat here but it would make the shimmers pop, I think.


Dragon’s Lair (set exclusive)

Dragon’s Lair comes mostly from Shrek but the brand says that this colour can be from any fairytale with a dragon really. I’m going to go with Shrek simply because I love that story. The polish is only available as a gift when purchasing the whole set (yep, those 20 polishes I’ve just shown you before) on Femme Fatale’s website.

It is described as a pink toned purple base with blue shine and red iridescent flakes. The polish turned out absolutely beautiful! The vivid magenta purple is wonderfully adorned with that blue glow and the flakes shine through thanks to the jelly properties of the base. It dries slightly textured so a coat of topcoat would be welcome here. Shown here in 2 coats + topcoat.


Shall we discuss the faves? I mean, it would be a crime not to, right? 🙂 There are many wonderful shades that are worth the attention but here are my personal favourites (in no particular order):

Cherry Tree Lane — a surprise fave for me! I couldn’t resist the brightness and the playfulness of this one! It also worked as a great pick-me-up shade and lifted my mood tremendously, love it!

Forbidden Wing — no surprises here, this is my kind of polish! I love every aspect of it: the colour, the depth, the inspiration behind it, and the formula is amazing too! It’s also my type of polish to wear during January and February so I’m ecstatic to wear a newly-swatched polish right when it’s actually released (that rarely happens hehe).

Candy Cottage — this will have to wait until summer (or May, if I’m lucky) but it’s such a fun polish! Lovely colour and the transition of them looks fabulous! I’ve never been more excited for summer to come 🙂

Witch’s Garden — this has my favourite colours so of course I like it a lot. I also love how the shimmer changes the colder shade.

Land of Toys — this is pure bliss! The shimmers shift wonderfully there and make the polish look as if it was lit from within. The base colour is delightful and I love the name so it’s a win win for me.

Castle Behind Thorns — you know, I’ve just typed «Castle Behind Horns» and now I can’t stop giggling about it. Now I’ll be thinking about this polish like that forever. It’s a deep, deep navy gorgeousness with copper/bronze shimmer, of course I’m head over heels about it!


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  • These are really nice and I do love the thermals <3

  • Well it was worth waiting for all the photos to download Alice for this epic FF post! 😄 I agree with quite a few of your favourite picks, particularly Cherrytree Lane, Candy Cottage and Castle Behind the Thorns. They are all stunning! But I also liked Hundred Acre Wood, it’s a beautiful colour even though it doesn’t quite suit my mental image of the storybook location. I’d be interested to know what the original name/inspiration was because I’ve a feeling it might have fallen between two stools in terms of the backstory … but as a colour it can’t be faulted!