Beware! This is going to be an extremely long post because the amount of shades in the collection I’m about to show to you is astounding! Lo and behold! Twenty-two shades in the collection (*) created by Femme Fatale! Aren’t you amazed by that number?

To be fair, those who are very familiar with the brand won’t be super surprised. This is the third part of the Enchanted Fables theme and Femme Fatale have already released two parts and now they are about to release the Princes and Heroes installment. The polishes will be available for ONE PRESALE only during Feb 1st-5th on the brand’s website.

The important thing to mention would be that the Enchanted Fables series have a lot of thermals and shimmer shades, crazy glitters and flakies shades are having their holiday this time. Although there is one extra shade that might be a little unusual to the collection. You’ll see in if you keep reading.

Let’s see the princes, shall we? 🙂


Dimitri is a character from Anastasia, a cartoon that was released in 1997. This polish is a thermal and it is described as a red (warm) to black (cold) thermal with green aurora shimmer. I would add, though, that to me the warm shade looked more like a terracotta red to me (although it somehow look less terracotta in the pictures). I haven’t seen the cartoon but I really like the polish. I managed to wear it for a couple of days and was so happy with the way my nails looked.



Up next we have Aladdin from the Disney cartoon of 1992, another thermal shade in the collection. It is described as a clear (warm) to orange (cold) thermal with lime-gold sparks. It is packed with shimmers and looks so sunny!



Beast is a character from The Beauty And The Beast (1991) which happens to be my favourite Disney cartoon. It is a blackened blue with strong yellow-gold sheen. I love dark shades a lot so it’s a win-win for me! A very handsome beast 🙂



Flynn is a character from Tangled (2010) and I don’t even remember if I watched this cartoon or not. I have no memory for films, cartoons and TV series… The shade is described as a cool-toned mauve with turquoise shine.



Hercules is the lost son of Zeus so it’s a good thing he got his own polish to cheer him up 🙂 The shade is a ruddy red-toned brown crelly with aurora shifting shimmer (bronze-green-blue). That shimmer is veeery pretty, I must add. I want every colour with shimmer like that.



Kuzco is a funny character, I have watched the cartoon recently so I can still say a lot of thing s about his personality 🙂 His shade is a softened red with strong green-gold shine.



Milo is a a guy from Atlantis: The Lost Empire (2001) but more importantly his shade is a thermal! Yay! At first I was quite surprised by both cold and warm colours, they seemed so unusual together to the point of being weird. Then I googled the cartoon, my memory of it and the character came back and I realised that the colours are perfect to describe him 🙂 It is described as a khaki green (warm state) to a warm-toned brown (cold state) thermal with soft blue glow.


Peter Pan

Peter Pan is a well-known mischievous boy (who is quite old, btw, his cartoon came out in 1953!) It is a thermal again and such a beautiful one! It is a light green (warm) to deep green (cold) thermal with golden shine. The contrast between the two colours aren’t that big but it looks like a softened gradient — so lovely! Did I mention it was a beautiful green (or greens)?


Prince Caspian

Prince Caspian is a character from the Narnia novels written by C.S Lewis (1951). The polish is a teal (warm) to black (cold) thermal with violet glow and pink sparks. This may make the cold stage look purple. Well, the shimmer does make the cold state look purple. I would never say it was a black shade. Anyway, he’s a charmer! I mean teal and purple, that’s an awesome combo!


Prince Charming

Prince Charming is a character from Cinderella and not from the Shrek cartoons as I thought at first. This polish is described as a soft ivory crelly with turquoise shine. It sums up that prince pretty accurately, I think. It looks just as I remember the Charming as far as my memory goes 🙂 He’s quite high-maintenance. though (and don’t even start with that «but he’s a prince, he should be» thing!). You need to be quite careful with your application but if you’re patient enough and use your topcoat afterwards, he’ll be good.


Prince Eric

Prince Eric is our Little Mermaid’s darling. I am quite sceptic about the character because that dumbo married a voice, I can’t get over that fact. Now imagine that he can only recognise his girl by her voice (as far as I know he didn’t have problems with his eyes so I am inclined to think that he probably should have stayed a statue). The polish is a neutral gray crelly with blue-pink shifting shimmer. It needs at least three coats or it can be layered over a gray creme.


Prince Florian

Prince Florian is that prince who «saved» our dear Snow White. Okay, did you know that his name was Florian? Did you know he had a name? Really? Why didn’t anyone tell me? 🙂 He was always just «a prince» to me. The polish is a great one, it is a blue to purple to pink multichrome with aqua sparkles. I love blue and I love purple so Prince Florian is love too! Now I might even remember his name!


Prince Hans

Prince Hans is a character from Frozen and I literally had to freeze for that shade 🙂 Somehow when I got to swatching this shade, it was so warm in my house that I had to open my window for good ten minutes, Since it’s winter and it was -20C outside, it got cold very quickly. By the time I returned, the temperature in the room had dropped significantly 🙂 Thank you, Hans! It is a tri-colour thermal. Light pink/purple to blue to dark purple; with a red sheen. It is quite sheer so I needed three coats and my third coat was a thicker one.


Prince Joseph

Prince Joseph is a character that I didn’t know anything about. He is a prince from The Water of Life tale by Grimms brothers. The shade is described as a rich jelly blue base with emerald green shine. It is fantastic. I have worn it twice and I have no intention of stopping that.


Prince Naveen

Prince Naveen is a prince, that’s all I know. We;;, at least they say he’s a prince so I’m going to stick to that information. What I know for sure is that he’s got a pretty shade. It is described as a yellow-toned brown jelly with aqua-pink duochrome shine.


Prince Philip

Prince Philip is a character from Sleeping Beauty which I have never seen. I don’t know the story (except that the girl’s very sleepy but I might be mistaken) but who cares when the polish is that fantastic! Just look at it — isn’t it the most amazing thing? Sigh… It is a clear (warm) to coral red (cold) thermal with red-green shifting aurora shimmer. Gorgeous!



Simba is a famous lion from The Lion King and he got a wonderful shade to represent him. It is described as a sheer ruddy brown packed with red-green shifting aurora shimmers.



Sinbad is a character from the Legend of the Seven Seas but I haven’t seen it. Sinbad to me is like Peter Pan but with a boat so I can’t tell you much here 🙂 He got a polish that is described as a purple jelly with strong copper-gold shine. It has a lot of shimmer so it’s hard to tell what colour the base is 🙂 The shine is strong indeed, no lies.



Again, we’re treading up the stairs of an unfamiliar to me cartoon but my file says that this is a character from The Black Cauldron cartoon released by Disney in 1985. The polish is described as a yellow-toned mossy green with purple glow. I really like olive and khaki shades that are often called ugly pretty (or just ugly by some people) so this one is very pretty to me.



Tarzan is a Disney character from the 1995 cartoon of the same name. If I were to create a shade for Tarzan, I wouldn’t know what to do because he is a character that I have difficulty describing (in terms of colours at least). Thank goodness Femme Fatale have an answer for that! This polish is a taupe based crelly with aqua-pink duochrome shine.


The Snake Prince

The Snake Prince is a character from The Olive Fairy Book (1907). That is pretty much everything I know. The polish of this prince is described as a murky green base with pink to green duochrome shine. It’s a shifting shade and it looks great although it reminds me a lot of Hypoxia, a previously released polish. If you wanted that one but missed it, you might like shade.


King Midas

The last polish that I am going to show you won’t be available for sale individually. It is a special shade that Femme Fatale created to give to those who order the full collection. It’s a shame we can’t buy just as we buy any other polish because it’s insanely beautiful! Getting 21 polishes at once is not a typically common thing to do. Yes, I admit, I have bought full collections before but they weren’t anywhere near 21 polishes 🙂

Anyway, back to the shade itself! It is described as a copper-orange magnetic over a blue-black base, with silver holographic glitters in various sizes. Since Femme Fatale started doing magnetic shades, my love for such polishes has flourished again. I even took all my my magnetic polishes out and now I’m having a hard time choosing which one to wear. Just take a look at this beauty — it is the king, isn’t it?


Now that we’ve discussed all the shades, I am going to move on to my favourite partwhich is choosing my favourites. I know I always struggle picking shades but it’s still a very enjoyable thing to do. Since there are so many shades this time, I’ll allow myself to pick five of them. I would choose Peter Pan and Prince Phillip from the thermal shades — both are superb and I couldn’t stop staring at them when they were on my nails. As to the rest of the collection, I’d go for Beast, Prince Florian and Prince Joseph. Beast is an almost black with a gorgeous shine and I love my dark polishes so much, he’ll be a lovely addition! Prince Florian is a blue to purple polish and I’m too weak when it comes to anything blue and purple. Prince Joseph — are there any words needed? It is a very bright and stunning teal, it glows with that green fire and I can only sing praises to that shade!

What do you think? Would you pick any of the princes? 🙂


*provided by the brand