For the month of May Femme Fatale has prepared a collection inspired and named after two zones from one of Sophie’s (the mastermind behind FF) all-time favourite games World of Warcraft: Duskwood and Darkshore. I’ve never actually played WoW so I can’t say much about the inspiration but, according to Sophie, both areas are quite dark, a little bit spooky, and have muted colour palettes. You can see the moodboard for this collection above.

This release has seven polishes in total. Besides being a limited edition collection (one time release only, as usual with the brand), most of these shades are pre-capped and it might happen that not every stockist stockist will have the opportunity to carry each colour. The collection will be available Mat 1st-5th on the brand’s website (here).


The Red Crystal

Technically this is a magnetic, it has magnetic orange pigment over a startling red base with scattered holographic microflakies. However, this shade wasn’t designed to be used as a magnetic – the idea is to appreciate its metallic-satin finish, The brand suggests wearing it either way depending on your preference. I did 2 coats of polish for my pics and then I added a third one to use a magnet over it. You can see the way it look magnetised if you take a look at the last pic of The Red Crystal that I’ve added.


This polish is described as a muted berry crème with blue duochrome and scattered silver holographic glitters. I did 2 coats of polish here and added topcoat to smooth out those glitters. I like the glow that the shimmer brings to this polish, it gives the polish an eerie feel, at least that is the vibe I’m getting.

Weathered Grave

This shade is described as a muted blurple base with golden sheen, and soft lime-blue shifting glass fleck shimmers. Those specks of shimmer look really pretty in there! The polish looks nice even without topcoat but I decided to add a coat of topcoat anyway for my full hand swatches (close-ups are sans topcoat).


This one is described as a light blue (warm) to deep blue (cold) thermal with pink duochrome sheen and soft ruby microflakes. Those ruby microflakes is the latest best thing from Femme Fatale. We were first introduced to them when they brought out their Aladdin-inspired collection and now this is the third polish we’ve got with those little red beauties so far. This took me 3 coats to get it opaque. It was okay in 2 in its cold state but since its «warm» colour is lighter, I had to give in and do my third coat. You’ll want to topcoat it to make that duochrome sheen stand out.

Veiled Sea

This shade is said to be a cool tone brown base with a teal-purple-red duochrome sheen, and scattered holographic microflakies. This one is such a mysterious chameleon! I find this one to look its best in natural daylight as it is the best thing for any chameleon/colour-shifting polishes. The picture above shows you a multitude of colors this polish is capable of showing. It will all depend on the lighting but this shade is sure a marvel to watch. It is quite thin so I opted for 3 coats of polish to make it look more intense.


This shade is described as a muted olive-green (warm) to teal toned forest green (cold) thermal with pink-red-gold duochrome. Oh I really fell for this forest-y/mossy type of colour! I like the warmth of the mossy/olive shade and how nicely the polish looks when it transitions from that warmth to its cooler, chilly teal counterpart. The colour change isn’t as dramatic as in some other thermal polishes out there, but this contrast between the warm and cool tones is everything here! The polish takes 3 coats to get opaque and you’ll want to topcoat it as it dries matte.


The last one from the collection is described as a smooth grassy green sheen over a slightly blue base, filled with golden UCC flakes and scattered holographic particles. That green sheen is really strong here! It is almost impossible sometimes to believe that the base is actually blue! I did 2 coats for my pics as the polish is quite pigmented + added topcoat as it really emphasises the flakes in there.


May COTM and FOTM polishes

As usual with the brand, there is a colour of the month and a fiend of the month inspired by a topic chosen by members of Femme Fatale Facebook group. Their COTM polishes are available to stockists while the FOTM shades are only sold via the brand’s official website (you also need to a member of their Facebook group to get access to those FOTMs).

Barghest (COTM May 2020)

It is described as a bright teal crème with black shards. This is one of the most colour-inaccurate photos I’ve ever posted. You see, this particular shade never photographs true to colour. Well, maybe there are some pics that do it justice but I haven’t seen them yet 🙂 If you know where to look for or know how to make it appear even remotely close to what I see in person — I’m all ears!

This is a vivid, I repeat, very vivid teal than leans turquoise. This is the kind of colour I adore and if you love bright teal shades and black shards, I’d say go for it. I did 2 coats for my pics but I can easily see it as a 3-coater if you have longer nails. I would also recommend giving your bottle a little shake before painting your nails, this will wake those shards up and you’ll get more of them on the nails. I did that for my middle and ring fingers.


Pegasus (FOTM May 2020)

Pegasus is described as a muted green toned grey with assorted glitters in silver, holographic and pewter, plus holographic accents. This one is more of a creme finish so it was easily opaque in 2 coats for me. I would suggest doing a thicker first coat and then add a thinner second one, that way you’ll help all those glitters stand out. I would also recommend topcoat here because the polish will dry textured. Re-reading the official description made me realise that all this time I thought this was a green with grey undertones while the brand considers it a green-tond grey 🙂 Oh the beauty of colour and the way we see it!


My favourites here are Blackwood with its amazing muted greens, Barghest with its vivid colour and black shards + Pegasus which I find to be such a cozy shade. There’s also Moontouched that I really liked because of those ruby microflakes and how well they looked against that blue base but that would be picking too many shades, don’t you think? So I guess I’ll stick with the first three mentioned here.


*provided by the brand


  • What a stunning collection and loving your photos 😀