The August release of Femme Fatale is happening soon so it’s time for me to show you the swatches of the upcoming collection. As usual with the brand, we get a variety of finishes and this time we have several amazing glitters which I personally find super pretty.

The collection is inspired by the Clueless film of 1995 and contains 6 polishes. They will be available August 1st-5th on the brand’s website (here) and they will go to stockists.


As If!

The first polish is described as a rosy mid-tone pink crelly with red-green aurora shimmer. I am typically not a fan of this type of pinks but I painted my nails with it, swatched it and then I didn’t have time to change my polish so I spent my weekend wearing very girly nail colour 🙂 By the end of Saturday I was enjoying this shade, let me tell you.

The brand says it’s a crelly but I find it to be more like a liquid-y type of creme polish. I would say it’s between crelly and creme. The shimmer is very pretty here and it is nicely detectable in the sunlight but I wish the base was a bit thinner to give the polish more airiness. Topcoat will help bring that shimmer out more so I would recommend using it with this polish. I did 3 thin coats for my pictures.


Superficial Space Cadet

This polish is described as a glimmering purple packed with pink glass flecks, purple holographic glitters and red iridescent glitters. Oh my, this is absolutely packed with glitter! This was almost opaque in one coat. It could have been opaque in one for me if it hadn’t been for the thickness. I don’t really maneuver thicker formulas well which often results in me having to add an extra coat. But two will be more than enough here but wait, you’ll have to add topcoat (probably two coats of) if you don’t want it textured.

Once it’s dry and topcoated, it looks really pretty though. It shines bright, you can probably spot it even from the outer space, I kid you not but it shines soooo beautiful. Oh I just can’t resist anything sparkly and glitter-packed,okay.



Courageous Fashion Efforts

The next shade is said to be a hot pink packed with red iridescent flakes. The brand also says that it may fade slightly over time – so you should keep it OUT of sunlight as that will speed the fading up. It will be sad if my bottle does fade because right now it’s super bright and gorgeous!

It applies very easily and it covered for me in two thin coats. The flakes here don’t dry textured but I still like adding topcoat to make them pop.



This polish is a summery, pale yellow crème with scattered glitters in black, white, yellow, neon yellow, metallic gold and some silver squares. I love yellow polishes so I’m very happy we got a yellow in this collection. It’s pale but it’s not washed-out which I appreciate, and there are square glitters (also a bonus in my opinion).

It is thin and applies great (I expected it to be stubborn actually). I needed three thin coats and topcoat, otherwise the polish will be textured because of the glitters. It didn’t do any glitter placement but I wish I got more square glitters on my nails because I love them 🙂



This polish is described as a smooth, dove-grey crème with scattered glitters in black, red, white and iridescent red. I absolutely love the shade of grey here! It has a slight mauve tinge to it (slight!) and it greys with different undertones is a secret passion of mine.

I did two coats of polish here and added topcoat to smooth everything out. Again, it doesn’t need any glitter placement. The topcoat I used «melted» the grey base a little bit so I do not recommend using Sally Hansen No Chip with this or any other polish.


Teenage Hell

This shade is described as a warm, rosy beige with assorted glitters in silver holo, black, white. This one is tricky as many other beige and rosy shades because it will look completely different depending on your skintone. On me it shows more of its rosy tones in any artificial lights and then leans more of a dark cool beige with rosy nuances in daylight.

I needed two coats for this one and also added a coat of topcoat.

Can you tell I love those glitter shades? Well, they are fantastic and the base colours are really up my alley so yes, I do love them 🙂 As to my favourites from the collection, hmmm, I am tempted to pick four polishes out of six and that sounds like a lot, doesnt it? I can narrow it down to three but please don’t make me pick less, please! Dee, Cher and Courageous Fashion Efforts look too good for me to say no to them.

I also have two shades of the months to show you so without further ado… 🙂 This month the theme is Carnivals/Fairs so we got two fun shades to play with this month. As usual, there is one Colour of the month which is also available to stockists and then there is a Fiend of the month which is an exclusive to Facebook group members and it is only available on the brand’s website.

Carousel Candy (COTM)

It is described as a chirpy, bright yellow crelly filled with matte glitters in peach, orange, yellow, black and aqua. This one is more of a lemon yellow compared to the yellow from the Clueless collection (see above). I needed three coats of polish and a coat of topcoat to smooth everything out. I didn’t do any glitter placement but I gave the bottle a little shake before applying the polish on my nails.


Sky Dream (FOTM)

This polish is described as a dreamlike pale turquoise crelly filled with neon matte glitters in pink, orange, yellow, green and purple. My brush shot does not do this polish justice at all. It is a wonderful summery pastel with popping glitters. It needs between two and three coats to be nice and even. Some of my nails have two coats but other required three. And a topcoat, of course, to eliminate the texture those glitters give.

It has a nice amount of glitters and they distribute evenly so I didn’t need to fish for them or to place them on the nails, they were fine without my help.