Oh my, time surely flies! The next Femme Fatale release is just around the corner but I still can’t believe it’s the end of April already 🙂 I guess I’ve been enjoying the balmy weather too much and stopped caring about the calendar somewhere in the midst of taking a nap in the sun.

The upcoming release is inspired by the popular Nexflix Sabrina series. The brand says the shades were specifically formulated to reminisce the wearer of enchantments, dusky woods, a sudden breeze blowing through the trees, damp soil, dewdrops on grass… and a bit of mystery — whether it be superstition, conjury or devilry. Now that sounds ah-mazing, right? Mysterious, enchanting and deep, very deep. Sign me up!

The collection is a limited edition release, available for one pre-sale only on the brand’s website (link) May 1st-5th. It will also be available through stockists.

Book Of The Beast

It is described as an alluring red-toned brown jelly base with a blend of turquoise-blue shifting duochrome, and green-purple shifting shimmers. That red-toned brown base is going to be brown on the first coat, the second and the third coat make the base look as an indescribable dark colour. I sound like Lovecraft here whose work I don’t really appreciate because he tends to overuse the word «indescribable» and here I am doing the same. Sorry, dear Mr L, I get you now! Anyway, the shimmers here are the main thing. They do shift wonderfully and I recommend topcoat to boost that shift and the duochrome effect even further.

Dark Baptism

This polish is described as a solemn forest green with a whisper of a red-gold-green multichrome, and a smattering of orange-green-blue iridescent flakes. Hmmm, that whisper of shimmer sounds quite loud to me or we just whisper differently which can easily be the case 🙂 I don’t mind at all, I love that loud whispering in this polish.

This one was thick. Now let’s discuss my idea of thick first. I tend to love those types of polishes that most people (at least from what I see and read around the Web) consider too thin. Some even call my beloved texture «runny»! I like thin coats and don’t mind doing three or sometimes even four of them. Now that is clear, let’s go back to the polish in question. It’s packed with flakies and glitters so it is going to be thicker, I get it. I wish, though, the base were thinner because I needed three coats anyway to make everything nice and even but if it had been thinner I would have enjoyed the application much more 🙂

Oh and it does need topcoat to make everything smooth and glass-like. There isn’t any texture to the touch but the polish benefits tremendously from something glossy on top. I love how it looks with its mysterious darkness and flickering bits of flakies here and there. A marvellous creature to watch.



This shade is described as a raspberry red jelly with juicy ruby micro-flakes, scattered holographic particles, and silver holographic microglitter in
various sizes. I do love whenever Femme Fatale brings us a new red. It doesn’t happen often which makes every time a treat.

It is a feisty red to me with all that glittering and holo partying in it. I only did two coats for my swatches. I added one coat of topcoat to smooth everything out but it looks wonderful on its own too.


Unseen Arts

The shade is described as a sheer, whimsical teal jelly with pink-gold-green aurora shimmer, and pale pink holographic glitters. I love everything about this shade! It’s teal, it has some holo in it and the texture is wonderful here! It’s sheer and pretty and it was specifically made that way so that beautiful aurora shimmer was visible and lovely.

Despite being sheer and all that, the polish only took three of my usual coats to get opaque. Well, opaque wouldn’t be a great word here, let’s say my nail line wasn’t visible but the polish still was ethereal and gorgeous.


Weird Sisters

This polish is described as a black (cold) to clear (warm) thermal with scattered black glitters in various sizes and luminous blue iridescent glitters. I was super excited about this one and it turned out to be awesome indeed! It looks perfect when cold, when warm, when in between, I loved it every time I looked at it. I swatched it last and spent three days wearing it and asking everyone to look at the beautiful thermal on my nails.

The next great thing about it is I only did one coat. ONE! I did try two on my thumb and pinky but I was more than happy with one. Two will give you more glitter ofc if you want it that way 🙂


Witches In The Woods

This shade is said to be a dusty navy blue base packed with chameleon chrome flakes (green-blue-pink), blue-purple magnetic pigment and green-purple shimmer. There is also a smattering of deep emerald glitters. It looks nice in the bottle but the magic happens when you apply it on the nail and use your magnet. It transforms the polish into a beautiful enchanted lake with fairytale creatures lurking in it. Those creatures are chrome flakes that shift beautifully and tiny shimmers that make the polish look like there are stars reflecting in it.

The polish only needs two coats to make it opaque but I would also recommend topcoat to bring out the magic (aka to make it glossy and shiny and gorgeous). The texture is a bit thick to my taste but I get where it comes from and since it didn’t make the application difficult here, I don’t have any issues with it.



Now we’re getting to the part of my post which made me reluctant to even write it at all 🙂 It’s time to pick a favourite and there are more than two that I loved this time and I don’t want to let any of them go!

Weird Sisters is unarguably amazing, I loved both colours (well, clear isn’t a colour but you know what I mean, right?) and the mix of glitter is really great there.

Unseen Arts and Witches In The Woods are both stunners too. The first one is a teal so ofc I fell for it and Witches is a mesmerising magnetic shade, I spent half a day in it and it was difficult not to stare at those shifts!

I’ll just pick those three and won’t even feel any remorse about choosing half a collection this time 🙂

*provided by the brand