This year marks the 5th anniversary for Fair Maiden so it was only fitting that the masterminds behind the brand, Sarah and Adrienne, decided to celebrate it with a new collection of polishes. They have a 5-piece collection coming out on November 15th whici will be available on the brand’s website (here). Let’s see what’s in store us!


Crystal Drip

The first shade of the collection is described as an off white champagne with iridescent pink-orange-magenta shifting flake and golden shimmer. This reminds me of the Christmas tree lights so much! The «champagne» in the description only adds up to that festive mood that this polish has. I was surprised to see that it was quite pigmented for such a light colour so I could have easily done two thicker coats. I was being cautios and that resulted in me doing three thin ones + topcoat.



The next shade is a thermal which is always an exciting thing for me. It is described as a tri thermal polish that shifts from a light orchid in the warmest state to a blurple in a cool state and dark smokey plum in it’s coldest state. Packed with blue-green shifting iridescent flakes and a soft violet shimmer. It’s very cold here where I live so I mostly enjoyed that dusty blurple and the dark blue shade when outside and it was orchid to dusty blurple when I was inside the house. It’s a very quick-to-react thermal so I saw gradient of some sort most of the time.



This shade is described as a rosy gold base with shimmer and iridescent flakes that shift green gold and red and holo sparkle throughout. I would have had a hard time describing that base colour! One thing is for sure — it is breathtakingly beautiful. I was so reluctant to take it off! It’s gorgeous in the sun and it’s also so good in the shade because then you get to see the iridescence of the flakes really well. The rosy hint of the base was more visibly with my naked eye when I looked at the polish in the sun.



This shade is described as a golden green blue multichrome with flakes that shift magenta-gold-green-blue. I usually tend to avoid multichromes like that because I find that they do weird things to my skin tone. The flakes here help balance the colours for me personally and make all the shades come together beautifully. It didn’t have a lot of brush strokes and the ones that were present were gone after the polish fully dried.



The last polish from the collection is described as a plush warm medium plum base with fiery copper/red shift. The shift is so intense here that I couldn’t stop stare at it and picture a cozy fireplace in my mind. This polish makes me think of all the wonderful comforting things colder seasons have to offer — a hearth, a cup of mulled wine, a nice throw blanket and more. A very heart-warming shade.


This collection makes me think of a chalet-type of holiday. Each shade is a softer kind of colour (not the usual bright red-gold-silver) but at the same time retaining its personality. I love a collection where everything is nicely balanced and I think that Fair Maiden created just that. As to my favourite, I am choosing Unwritten without any hesitation. This polish is such a flattering shade on me and I didn’t even expect this (my skintone usually prefers more contrasting colours).


*provided by the brand








  • These are nice. The thermal is my favourite <3

    • That shade is really pretty, we can definitely agree on that 🙂