This winter Different Dimension has quite a lot of new shades for us. There are two collections with the total of 11 polishes and this post is all about their Winter collection that has 6 newbies for the festive season. These shades are available on the brand’s website (here).


You’re My Soul Santa

The first shade is a glitter polish which is described as a red, green, and silver microglitter glitterbomb. It is noticeably thick (to the point of being VERY thick) and I was worried if I would be able to apply it at all. Well, the application wasn’t a breeze for me but it proved to be easier than I had expected. I didn’t even need to do any clean up! The polish has so much glitter that it almost covers in one coat. That’s why I don’t think you will need to sponge it — it really is opaque on its own. I did one thick coat (I wasn’t able to use thin ones) + some touch up to make everything even. You can see the difference a topcoat makes here: my middle and ring fingers are with glossy topcoat while index and pinkie don’t have anything except the polish itself.


Silver Bells

Here we have another glitter bomb to enjoy over the holidays. It is described as a silver, red, and green holographic glitter in a clear base. This one looks like Christmas tree decorations that got high 🙂 It’s so crazy and sparkly that I can’t really stop staring at it! It wasn’t as thick as the previous shade so I did two coats but didn’t add any topcoat.


Your Presents Is Requested

This shade is described as a white crelly polish with color-shifting aurora shimmers and multichrome ucc flakies. I love shades like this so I was very excited. The base colour turned out to be more opaque than I expected so I only needed two coats. The shimmer in there is more noticeable with my naked eye but it gets somewhat shy when looking at it through a lens.


All The Jingle Ladies, All The Jingle Ladies

The next shade is described as gorgeous. Okay, it’s how I describe it. The official description says that it’s a navy blue jelly polish with gold glitters in a variety of sizes and finishes. Now this is a true jelly here with all that squishiness and semi-sheerness. I love a good jelly so I’m completely in love with this one. It has a gorgeous shade of blue and there’s also some square glitters (among other things) and I’m always happy to see square ones in a polish. Three coats here + topcoat.


Make It Rein

This green beauty is described as an evergreen jelly polish with added color-shifting aurora shimmers. It is a stunner, to put it simply. It’s nicely pigmented, the shade of green is one of those oh-so-holiday greens and the shimmers look really pretty against a base like that. I would recommend using basecoat with this polish because I think that it might stain. I didn’t wear it long enough to say that for sure but I did need more cotton pads than I normally use to remove all traces of it from my nails and cuticles. My pictures show two thin coats of polish.


Sleigh Girl

What is a holiday collection without a good red? This year Miss, the owner of the brand, brings us a fiery beauty to enjoy. It is described as a red jelly polish with added color-shifting aurora shimmers. Basically, it’s a sister polish to the green one above. The polish has a very bright shade of red and the shimmers intensify it even more. They also make the polish look like some kind of luxurious fabric to me 🙂 I did two coats of polish for my pictures.


I have two favourites this time — I am absolutely in love with the blue shade (and it has such a great name, doesn’t it?) with all its jelly feel and sparkly glitters and then there’s the green shade which looks so gorgeous that I surrendered easier than I care to admit.


*provided by the brand



  • Gorgeous set! I love the 2 glitters <3