The second collection Different Dimension is offering us this winter is all about the roaring twenties. I personally love the theme and the names of the polishes made me love each colour even more. Sorry not sorry, I’ve always been a sucker for a good polish name or a theme. Okay, let’s see what these 20s are all about.


This first shade here is described as a gold scattered holographic polish with gold microflakies and holographic microflakies. I love this polish simply because «swell» is one of my favourite words. Yes, I have words I love to pieces and then there are words that I hate and struggle to even type or say out loud. You see, I majored in languages and I’m an avid admirer of how languages work and all that stuff. I can talk incessantly about some language particulars and bore people to death. Oh… I guess I’m doing just that right now. Back to the polish! It is… well, swell. It has so many hues that I have difficulty naming them all. It covers easily in two thin coats and looks great even without topcoat.


Cat’s Meow

The next shade is described as a black jelly polish with added color-shifting aurora shimmers and holographic microflakies. This one is soooo good. The shimmer here shifts non-stop. Love black shades with a twist so much! I did two coats and added topcoat for this one.



Oh hello, winter in a bottle! This one is described as a white crelly with silver and gold microflakies , and silver and gold holographic microglitters. This has enough of everything to cover the nail in two easy coats. It does need topcoat, though, because it will smooth all the glitters and flakies out and make them shine.



Oh, I’ll take this one for the name alone 🙂 The colour itself is described as a burgundy polish with added color-shifting shimmers. It is very pigmented, it almost covered in one coat. I didn’t expect that level of opacity and went for thinner coats which resulted in 2 coats + topcoat for the pictures. If you’re okay with doing thicker coat, I think you might be able to get away with one coat only. I’ll definitely do that the next time I use this polish. The polish also wonderfully shifts to something magenta-berry kind of thing. It looks absolutely beautiful in real life but it was difficult to capture on camera. You can get a glimpse of that berry tone if you look at the close up photo below.



The last polish of the collection is described as a black jelly polish with added gold microflakies. This is the only polish from the collection that takes three coats to get fully opaque. It’s a jelly formula so the number of coats understandable. I actually love it that the base is a bit more sheer here because it allows the flakes to shine through.


Well, what should I choose as a favourite? I really liked all of the shades and the theme and those names don’t really help me choose just one. I think that my top pick would change every time you were going to ask me. At least, «a new day = a new polish» motto doesn’t sound so bad, does it? Let’s say Hooch for today but don’t ask me tomorrow if you’re not ready for a different answer 🙂


*provided by the brand


  • What a gorgeous set. There are too many nice ones! I love them all 😀

    • It’s quite hard to choose with this collection 🙂

  • Ohh what a fabulous collection Alice! I love the inspiration for this collection and the combination of shades and names are just right. 💗 Plus … your skill with words and your choice of degree all makes sense! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

    • Thank you so much Kathryn! The inspiration is pure bliss here! I can never get tired of that theme 🙂 Together with those names — oh, this collection is just so great 🙂