Autumn is always filled with the most amazing collections and it’s such a pleasure to write about them! This time we;re going to look at the flakie gorgeousness brought to us by Different Dimension. The collection features six jelly polishes with an assortment of iridescent colour-shifting flakies and holographic microflakes. They will be available starting September 14 on the brand’s website (click here).



This one is described as an olive jelly polish with added copper/gold/orange/green/red iridescent color-shifting flakies and holographic microflakies. This is an amazing olive/khaki green jelly that screams autumn to me! I love this type of greens so I’m completely smitten with it. I did two coats for my pictures and added topcoat.



The next one is said to be a butterscotch jelly polish with added gold/orange/pink/green iridescent color-shifting flakies and holographic microflakies. The colour looks so yummy! I did three coats for my pictures and I left my pinkie finger with two coats to see the difference the number of coats makes.


Fire In The Sky

This polish is described as a maroon jelly polish with added copper/gold/orange/green/red iridescent color-shifting flakies and holographic microflakies. This is a complete stunner. I couldn’t stop swooning over it when I applied it on my nails. Ugh! Love! I did two coats + topcoat.


Area 51

This is a darkened teal jelly polish with added turquoise/violet/blue/pink iridescent color-shifting flakies and holographic microflakies. I am going to repeat myself here because it’s another beautiful shade in the collection 🙂 I did three coats for this shade, two coats left me with too much nail line showing.


Foo Fighters

This one described as a navy blue jelly polish with turquoise/violet/blue/pink added iridescent color-shifting flakies and holographic microflakies. It is a very dark navy blue, I would say, it even leans black. Anyway, it is gorgeous no matter what shade it is called. I did two coats for this one + topcoat. I love black polishes and almost blacks with shimmer, glitter or flakies so I love this one a lot.



The last shade of the collection is described as a violet jelly polish with added gold/orange/pink/green iridescent color-shifting flakies and holographic microflakies. This is a stunning violet purple and it looks so wonderful decorated with flakes! I had to do three coats but all the polishes apply effortlessly thanks to the jelly texture so it wasn’t a problem.


The brand also has new cuticle oils to offer. They have 10 new options ready to help your nails and cuticles stay nourished and the scents are so yummy! I got myself acquainted with Different Dimension cuticle oil pens a month ago when the brand offered me to try their PPU offering for the month of August. I’ve been hooked ever since. I love this pen format because it’s easy to use on the go and it’s also great when you need to type a lot and want you keyboard or phone screen to stay clean 🙂 I love dropper versions too but I often use a lot and that results in me covering everything I touch with cuticle oil.

There are nine options available. There are four end of summer fragrances which are Pineapple Vanilla, Orange Dreamsicle, Iced Tea, and Rice Krispie Treat. I find the pineapple and the orange scents to be the strongest, the former makes me think of delicious fruit cocktails) and the latter reminds me of a can of orange soda with a whiff of cream in it. I just googled a cocktail for this one too so if you’re interested, it can be found here (click)

The other five are new fall fragrances that include Crème Brulee, Coffee, Chocolate Chip Cookie, Banana Nut Bread, and Blueberry Muffins. Don’t those sound amazing? My favourites are Crème Brulee and Chocolate Chip Cookie. I like my cuticle oils to smell sweet, can’t help me. If I can’t eat all the sweet things in the world, at least I’m allowed to enjoy the scents, right?

COTM for August and September

Now, there are also two polishes of the month that I want you to meet. They will be available from Sept 14 until Sept 30 only.


August — We Came In Peace For All Mankind

This polish is described as a dusty lavender crelly polish with added multichrome flakies and holographic microflakies. It’s a very pretty autumnal shade to me, even though it’s technically a shade for August. It covers well in one coat but I did too thin of a coat so I ended up adding a second one for some of my nails. I would recommend doing two thin one, your second especially. The polish has a lot of flakes but the base is very willing to cover lots of them so the best approach would be to do your first coat and then add your second coat as thin as possible. That way you’ll get more flakes visible. It’s too bad I thought of this way AFTER I painted my nails with this polish though 🙂


September — Either Get Busy Living Or Get Busy Dying

This polish is said to be a light nude crelly polish with added iridescent flakies and holographic microflakies. Oh it’s a very pretty shade, so soft and… cosy, I’d say. I find that there is also some shifting shimmer in it or maybe it’s just dust from the flakes, is that even possible? I have no idea so let’s just go with calling it shimmer 🙂 This shade is like a comforting wrap, I didn’t want to take it off. I did two coats (not very thin this time) + topcoat.


Well, there were so many things to show and discuss that I’m at a loss what to choose! I absolutely adore Fire In The Sky and Foo Fighters, they are gorgeous! Then there is also that olive beauty, Alien, that caught my eye as soon as I opened the package with this collection. As for the cuticle oils, I’d say that Pineapple Vanilla and Crème Brulee are my top picks right now. Fragrances are tricky when it comes to picking for oneself so I wouldn’t even try recommending you what to choose. The COTMs are both pretty but I find that the September one goes better with my particular skintone so I’ll go with that shade 🙂

What about you? Any faves?


*provided by the brand