Different Dimension has recently released their new collection of polishes to celebrate their 7th anniversary and it is oh so welcome for its brightness and jelly-ish finish! The collection can be found here and there is also a bonus polish which is only available through July 31st.

All the polishes in the collection have jelly finish but the pigmentation varies from colour to colour so some of them were decently opaque for me in two coats while others needed three. The flakies dry quite smooth so topcoat isn’t really a must here, I added it over some shades, though, which I think benefited the most of that extra glossiness. I’ll give you more details for each specific polish below. Let’s now see the colours!



Gluttony is described as a neon coral jelly polish with added aurora shimmers and iridescent color shifting flakies. It’s wonderfully bright and it can look more pink than coral in the pictures but it’s a coral all right.

I did two coats for my nails with a thicker second coat. Since the colour is so bright and there are tons of flakies in the polish, you really need to look for you nail line to be able to see it so I decided that I didn’t really need a third coat. Something to be noted though — with a just-applied, wet coat of polish it might look more opaque than it really gets when the polish dries so wait 3-5 minutes before deciding if you really need one more coat or not.


Pride is described as a black jelly polish with added iridescent color shifting flakies and holographic microflakies. This one is sooooo packed with flakes, my god! It is probably packed just the same as the previous one but it being a darker colour, those flakes stand out even more against that dark base!

I did three coats for my pictures and I also added a coat of topcoat. The polish was actually opaque in two but I wanted the black base to get darker so I opted for a third coat here. No regrets! It can be worn over a black (or any other dark) base of course.



Wrath is said to be a neon purple jelly polish with added aurora shimmers and iridescent color shifting flakies. It does say purple and it does look purple in the bottle but because it’s a jelly it transforms into a more of a magenta shade on the nails. It still look amazing if you ask me 🙂

I did two coats for my nails here.



Greed is a neon green jelly polish with added aurora shimmers and iridescent color shifting flakies. Oh my, how bright this one is! The flakes here are also of a smaller size. I did three coats of polish for this one and I felt like it dried slower than the rest of the polishes from the collection. A quick-drying topcoat will solve that issue easily so I’m not really worried about the polish’s drying time.



Sloth is described as a neon yellow jelly polish with added aurora shimmers and iridescent color shifting flakies. Again, this is extremely bright! I think my eyes are now pleading for mercy and at the same time are unable to stop admiring the colours 🙂 This one is sheerer than the rest of the collection and the brand mentions that you might want to use a white base (or a similar coloured neon creme) underneath.

I did three coats on its own because most of the time I’m too lazy to go find a suitable polish to use as my base. It actually covered better than I expected but if you don’t like your nail line to be visible, then a suitable base colour would be of help.



Lust is a neon pink jelly polish with added aurora shimmers and iridescent color shifting flakies. If you ever read that I don’t really like pinks, then I would like to revoke my silly statement. How could I not love pinks when there are shades like this in this world? It is gorgeous and there’s no denying it 🙂

Two coats of polish, a topcoat and lots of love (or lust…)



Envy is described as a neon blue jelly polish with added aurora shimmers and iridescent color shifting flakies. Even though Sloth is said to be the sheer one, I think this one wanted to win that medal too. I don’t mind it since I love what people call watery and runny polishes but I know that not everybody loves that. I would say that it’s buildable but three coats will still leave you with a bit of your VNL showing. You might find a suitable creme or a more opaque jelly to accompany this polish with and I’m willing to do it too (I still don’t like having to find a suitable base colour but oh well) because I love blue polishes and I most certainly adore this one.

My pictures show three coats of polish where the last two were generous. It also dries almost matte so I would recommend a topcoat here. I didn’t apply it for my swatches and now I regret that a bit 🙂


Choosing a favourite from a neon collection is like bringing a child to a candy shop and let them only pick one candy. One word — cruel! I’m not a malicious person so I will happily let myself pick two favourites this time (would the kids thank me if I let them choose two candies? Probably still not). My first pick would be Gluttony. It’s such a summery coral with hints of red and pink depending on the light and the flakes there look fantastic so I’m completely smitten with this polish. My second pick would be probably obvious if you know my colour preferences 🙂 I’d go with Envy! Yes, it is sheer but I love sheer and it it blue! I can never say no to a blue polish!


But wait! We have a bonus polish here too! Let’s take a look at that! It is a gift with purchase on the brand’s website for the first 100 orders. After that it is available as an individual item through July 31th.

Cheers To 7 Years!

It is described as a holographic base loaded with iridescent color-shifting flakies, silver flakies, gold flakies, and holographic microflakies. I thought it would be more opaque and I wouldn’t be able to use as a topper but lucky me! It can easily be used as a topper as it applies thin and even. If you want to use it solo, it will require three coats.


*provided by the brand