We have something exciting here today! I’m sure you know Kate from @kate_cuticle who always stuns us with her amazing nail art and beautiful swatches. Kate now has her own brand of polishes, Color Flecks, and I want to show you her amazing neons today!

There are six polishes in the collection and they will be available later in July on the brand’s website. They are incredibly bright so you’ll need sunglasses, I’m just saying 🙂

Pink Milk

This is a neon pink polish with a crelly feel to it. It applies wonderfully in two thin coats and my god, it’s blazingly hot!


Papaya From Pattaya

This shade is a neon red-orange polish with the same squishy feel to it. It applies beautifully in two coats. The colour varies depending on the lighting. I wore it together with Game Over by Cirque and the latter looked a bit more red but Papaya was way brighter.


Orange Range

This is a neon orange colour with a yellow tinge to it (versus previous polish which leans very much red). It covered mostly in two coats but I added a thin third to a couple of my nails because I thought I saw some darker spots that I needed to cover.


Lime Time

This is a green neon with strong highlighter yellow undertones. It was thicker that the rest of the collection and thick shades and I don’t get along very well so I had to do three coats of polish here. I should have used some drops of thinner to make the application easier but I like to try my new polishes just the way they were formulated.


Apple Couple

This is a green neon shade, that is as simple as it gets 🙂 It is darker and has way less yellow to it that the previous shade but it is still wonderfully bright. Two coats for this one.


Moon Lagoon

Now this is the polish where things get tricky. You see, this is actually a vibrant teal polish with an aqua feel to it. I’m pretty sure I’m not making any sense here but hear me out. This polish is one of the shades you see when you look at the sea waves, it’s a tealish blue that is bold and fresh and bright at the same time, this is the colour that I think of when I think «marine». It doesn’t have any dustiness, it’s wonderfully vivid.

Now to the tricky part. This colour doesn’t photograph well. It doesn’t photograph at all. Usually it goes like this: «Oh, you want to take a pic of me? Okay, I’ll pretend I’m a dusty blue with weird undertones that are diffuclt to describe. Oh, now you want to colour correct me using your photo editing apps? Now I’d like to see how you can manage that and not swear during the process. I told you it wouldn’t work»

This is my conversation with that polish or, to put it better, its mocking me in front of all of my equipment 🙂 Well, kudos to the shade! It tricked me and my camera but I love it anyway because the colour is superb in real life!


If you want me to pick a favourite, then you are very cruel because I love neons during the summer month and I’ve been enjoying this collection for two weeks now and would like to continue painting them one after another until the autumn arrives 🙂

I would say that Lime Time and Papaya From Pattaya are calling my name a little louder than the rest because I don’t have any dupes in my collection and I love that thing about them. Moon Lagoon is beautiful too but since I already own Cirque Wanderlust which is a certainly a relative of this Color Flecks shade, it has to take a third place 🙂


*provided by the brand