Last December Cadillacquer asked their fans to submit any polish ideas for the upcoming Anniversary collection. There were going to be around three, maybe four, polishes. Luckily for both the winners and the fans, we got EIGHT new shades this time! I added active links to each collaborator’s IG account for more convenience.

Today I want to show you all the shades and share my thoughts about each of them.


created by Ilaria from @my_apawcalypse

The inspiration behind this polish is one of Ilaria’s favourite songs by her favourite band, Apocalyptica. The song is called Bittersweet and is about a type of love that is a blessing and a curse at the same time. 

The brand describes it as a dark purple with magenta shimmer and glowing gold galaxy holo glitter (that’s what I call a fancy description for glitter! But seriously, that glitter is pretty, that’s true). I like that magenta shimmer was added here because to me it makes all the difference — together with everything else it creates a wonderful polish!

Two coats were enough for me to get the polish opaque.



created by Anja from @bepinselt

Anja was inspired by her favorite character from Supernatural TV series. I saw the inspiration picture and I know the actor but I haven’t seen a single episode 🙂

The brand describes it as a black holo with strong red/orange shimmer. It is one of those black shades that aren’t pitch black — if you put this one side by side with some truly black shades, it would look lighter and have brown, grey and taupe tones to it. I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to see red shimmer in daylight — but I was wrong! I was so mesmerised by its glow and shift that I even missed my bus some days ago when I was wearing this polish (well, I needed an occupation while waiting, right?)

It was perfectly opaque in two coats.


From The Ashes

created by Alessandra from @upadaisynails

Alessandra was inspired by the phoenix from Harry Potter: «Fawkes is a phoenix, Harry. Phoenixes burst into flame when it is time for them to die and are reborn from the ashes». 

The brand describes it as a light grayish blue holo filled with gold metallic, orange, red and matte magenta glitter and small iridescent blue flakies. The base colour will be different depending on the light you’re under — sometimes it’s more grey, sometimes it leands more blue. I like the concept of this polish and it is very unique, I think, but I wish it was thinner in consistency. I like my polishes to be on the liquid-y side, that’s why I’m so fond of Cadillacquers in general, so I was really surprised here because this polish is kind of thick.

Two coats for full opacity and you’d better take a gel-like topcoat 🙂


Gold Rush

created by Maria from @thenailspolishhoarder

Maria’s inspiration was deep sea gold mining and treasures disappeared in shipwrecks to the bottom of the ocean. I must say that it does remind of that exact thing!

The brand describes it as a deep blue/teal jelly, filled with small chartreuse metallic glitter. My bottle has a lot of glitter and I mean A LOT. Two coats of polish left me with so much treasure (= glitter) so I couldn’t try a third coat even if I wanted to. Again, I would like it to be a bit thinner but it is just a matter of preference.

I also implore you to keep in mind that all pictures (mine included) show it more blue than it is. It is very much teal. The first coat will leave you with a bright turquoise teal and the second adds depth, some blue tones to it but it will be teal anyway. If you have Eleven that was released as part of the brand’s Halloween collection, then you’ll know what I’m talking about. The base is very similar if not the same.

Two coats will conceal your visible nail line (if you have any) thanks to the glitter. I added a third coat on my thumb just to show you the differene it makes.

White Night

created by Marie from @little_zzi

Marie was inspired by the natural phenomenon that occurs in the summer months in places north of the Arctic Circle or south of the Antarctic Circle when the sun remains visible at midnight.

The brand describes it as a light gray crelly, with a subtle holo effect and different sized orange metallic glitter. Depending on the light (very much!) and your skin tone this shade goes from warm taupe to cool grey. I like the mix of colours here a lot and I even love orange glitter (I typicallly don’t fall in love with anything orange).

Two coats will be enough but I’m going to be a broken record here and say that I would prefer three coats but thinner formula but hey, that’s just me 🙂


created by Elena from @langolodeglismalti

The inspiration for this polish was the blue screen of death. As Elena says, ..the worst nightmare of every computer user becomes a nail polish!

The brand describes it as a blue jelly filled with different sized white glitter. It’s thin and I love it! 🙂 Well, I can’t say a lot here except blue is my fave colour so of course I like this polish a lot. It also has that texture that I love so it’s another bonus for me.

Three thin coats and here you have this blue gorgeousness on your nails.


Princess Swan

created by Anna from @_apple_tea

Anna was inspired by the painting The Swan Princess, from the Russian artist Mikhail Vrubel. The base colour does remind of the sea that was on that painting (just pretend that the swan princess herself isn’t in the pic, that way it’s easier to get the inspiration).

The brand describes it as a light blue, slightly grey leaning crelly, with small metallic red glitter and square metallic red glitter. It leans grey okay, let me tell you, and that’s a good thing. I love that it’s muted and not in-your-face blue as I first thought.

I did two coats for my pictures but you might need three (maybe even I needed three — there are some lighter spots on some of my nails but I prefer this one in two)



created by Vlada from @vlada_gerra

Vlada was inspired by the ballet Swan Lake: Odette is a beautiful princess turned into a white swan by sorcerer Rothbart. Enchantments of Evil Genius are active during the day but when the moon appears the white swan again turns into a princess. The spell can only be destroyed by true love but if the vow of eternal love is violated, she will forever remain a swan. During the hunt on the lake the young prince Siegfried saw the magical transformation of the swan into a girl and fell in love with her overwhelmed with her etherial beauty. Odette tells him her story and he swears to love her forever.

The brand describes it as a grey leaning white scattered holo, with different sized silver metallic glitter. I would pay attention to the word «grey» if I were you 🙂 It is a very light grey but still it is grey to me 🙂

I needed two coats and I strongly wish I needed three thin liquid-y ones because I’d prefer a thinner texture here. I know it’s all about preference as usual but in my opinion a thinner texture would give this polish more airiness and that would add up to the inspiration 🙂

Also for those who thought there was black glitter — there’s none, it’s just the silver glitters playing their tricks.

Now let’s try and pick favourites again. This time it is even harder because each shade is really beautiful and the inspiration for every polish makes me want to choose all 🙂

Well, I’d say BSoD, Princess Swan and Devotion. I liked the texture, the colour, the mix of glitter there, pretty much everything!

Did any of the shades grab your attention?

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    Devotion and BSoD are really great. Especially Devotion imo ! I really like Dean too because … well no glitters >_< Am I predictable on this one ? ^^ And a special <3 for White Night, because it's Marie's baby and she's such an adorable person that I'm very very glad she could have her own collab 🙂 Now I wish for YOUR collab *_* Thank you Alice, as always, wonderful swatches, you're the best <3

    • I love those shades too and Dean is wonderful, I agree! It’s nice to get some rest from all the glitter sometimes 🙂
      Thank you for reading and for your support Guillaume!