This summer Cadillacquer is giving us a splash of colour. A collection of very saturated, very bold shades coming at you starting June 12th. There will be 5 polishes in this release, they are all flakie polishes in a jelly base.

With the 2020 world being in shambles and the presence of a lot of pressing issues, the brand decided to give these polishes names that would be uplifting and that could possibly and hopefully cheer us up. I see painting my nails as a way of giving myself a mental break and relax a little so seeing a positive name is a bonus for me (the ‘Don’t Quit’ polish was especially helpful and I’m grateful for that).

Okay now, let’s dive in and see the colours, the flakes and the name.

Brighten Up Your Day

The first shade is described as a neon yellow with blue ultra chrome chameleon flakies. This is one of those colours that you’re never really sure if it’s more of a yellow or a green. Depending on the lighting you can definitely see both. This one is really packed with flakes (like, REALLY) so I only did 2 coats. There might be some visible nail line but the amount of flakes a third coat would give stops me from adding it, and honestly, with such a bright colour and the flakes that those 2 coats have already given no one will notice if the polish is a bit sheer or not.



The next shade is described as a juicy orange neon, packed with gold iridescent chameleon flakies and shimmer. Oh this one is good, very good. This is coming from a person who doesn’t like oranges that much. It’s super neon and summery and looks much more gorgeous than pictures show. It also has a ton of flakes and shimmer so it covers easily in 2 coats for me. Shown with topcoat.


Don’t Quit

This shade is described as a neon red jelly, packed with iridescent flakies. This is how lollipop would look if it were a polish 🙂 It’s playful, it’s meant to be in the sun and enjoying holidays and good weather with you. I see this colour as more of a coral red but it can also look pinkish because of those flakes. The texture here is very jelly-ish which I love. You’ll want to topcoat it (use a thicker topcoat) to smooth everything out, The flakes won’t dry gritty textured, it’ll be more of an optical thing if you don’t use topcoat.


Keep Smiling

The next shade is described as a magenta neon, with green/purple/blue ultra chrome chameleon flakies. I know we all perceive colours a bit differently so there’s no point in arguing. Having said that, I’m just going to leave my impression of this colour just in case you’d like to compare the vibes you’re getting from this shade. I see it more of a neon fuchsia pink with magenta tones to it. What I call ‘magenta’ is usually has more blue to it. Anyway, the colour is amazingly bright and pretty and now I’d like to have it in different textures 🙂

It’s abundant in flakes so I did 2 thinner coats so as not to make it look overcrowded with flakes haha. This one does need topcoat to smooth the flakes out (no grittiness, just the way it looks with topcoat vs without makes a big difference). Since it’s a jelly (=a bit sheer) it looks warmer on my nails than it does in the bottle. If you want a true-to-bottle colour, you might want to use a milky white base coat or 3 coats of polish.


Choose To Be Happy

Now the last shade of the collection is described as something between a mauve and a purple, with color shifting flakies and shimmer. I’m going to go with «desaturated plum» with no reason other than I like the way it sounds 🙂 It’s unusual to see such a calm shade after those four bursts of colour. It is as if this polish was wandering somewhere and then saw some other polishes and decided to stick around because it wanted company. It almost makes me want to cuddle it and ask «Are you lost, honey?»

Formula-wise it is, again, a jelly. I would call it a thicker jelly but maybe that slight thickness comes from the amount of flakes and shimmer (a very generous amount). The flakies shift wonderfully in real life but my lighting set up is a bit stubborn when it comes to letting me capture those shifts on camera. If you look at the bottle, you can better see the colours the flakes shift to.


Hope (Hey Green May 2020)

Another polish that is going to be released on June 12th is a custom polish that Cadillacquer was so kind to release for the Hey Green May challenge (click here to see more). This challenge is about green polishes and now there’s a special polish to celebrate it. It is a jelly formula with square glitter and hexes of two sizes.

Please note that this is a one time release only!


Kinky Carnival (PPU June 2020)

While we’re at it, let me also show you the PPU colour that Cadillacquer created for June. The theme is cocktails and mocktails and the brand went with a blue-to-green thermal with iridescent chameleon flakies and shimmer. The polish is absolutely packed with them so it’s easier to do thinner coats. I ended up doing 3 + topcoat.



  • Bold, bright and gorgeous. Love these and great photos once again <3

  • I need Sunshine! Can never resist an orange, but wowza it’s gorgeous 🤩🤩