It’s time for Cadillacquer’s Spring collection! The brand stays true to themselves and offers us amazing colour combos that turn out to be unique yet still wearable every time. This time we got 7 polishes in total, 3 of which are thermal polishes.

The collection will be released on March 18th. Check out the brand’s instagram to the stockists that will carry the collection.

Daylight Dancer

The first polish is a light periwinkle base with baby pink hexes of different sizes. The base colour leans more blue or more towards lavender depending on the lighting. The formula is wonderfully jelly-ish which allows the polish to retain its airiness even after 3 coats. I did 2 thicker coats but I think it would be safe to call this one a 3-coater, especially if you like doing thinner coats. It dries textured so you’ll need a thicker topcoat.


Feel For You

The next polish is a reddened plum with a tinge of mulberry, I’d say, with poppy red hexes. Since it’s a jelly, it will look a bit warmer when applied because of its see-thorugh quality. I did 2 coats for my pictures but 3 coats will probably give you a cooler shade. Again, it dries textured so you’ll need a gel-like topcoat to smooth everything out.


Light Up

The first thermal of the three is a bright pink (warm) to coral red (cold) base with lavender hexes and yellow metallic glitter. They might be gold but it’s hard for me to say 🙂 What I can tell you for sure is that those yellow glitters bright a touch of extra playfullness to this polish by popping out here and there. I did 2 coats + topcoat.


La Fleur Vera

The next shade is the second thermal of the collection. It was created in collaboration with Natalia @naillution (check out her insta here to see the story behind the name). The polish goes from a lighter blue (warm) to a luscious purple (cold) and has pinky coral hexes in it. It has a lot of glitter so 2 coats was enough for me to build the desired opacity. Shown with topcoat. I can see some golden (yellow?) glitters when I look at the bottle pic but I couldn’t really detect them while I was wearing the polish. Are they really there or am I going crazy?


Sea of Memories

The last thermal of the collection is this deep beauty her. It goes from a lighter shade of warm purple (hot) to medium blue (warm) to navy blue (cold) and has glitter and flakies in it. The flakies are actually colour-shifting, I noticed that when I wore this polish and there was a slight purple shift to the polish in its cold state. Absolutely beautiful! I did 2 coats + topcoat (thicker one, no surprises here).



This polish makes me wonder if it has a clear base and it’s the holo particles that make it look grey. Or if the base is really slightly grey-tinted. Apart from the holo dust, there is also light blue matte glitter of different sizes, small black glitter, and iridescent flakies. This is the only polish that I did 3 coats with. It was completely worth it, though. I really like the look of it. Shown with topcoat.


Mother Earth

The last polish of the collection is a turquoise jelly with an assortment of colour-shifting flakies. At first I thought I would have to do 3 coats but thanks to the flakes I was able to get away with just 2. The flakies don’t give much texture but I would still recommend topcoat because it really makes them pop. Oh and by the way, if you see drag marks, it’s the topcoat I suddenly decided to use (not the one I usually swatch with). It’s not this polish’s fault whatsoever.


I really like this collection! Glitter jellies are something that made me fall in love with Cadillacquer in the first place, and here we got some amazing spring colours! The seasonal wearer in me screams with glee, you know. I can’t wait to wear Daylight Dancer again and oh boy, have you noticed Feel For You? That is such a drop-dead gorgeous polish. The only polish I was really able to wear for a couple of days was Sea of Memories so I’m going to pick this one as my favourite. I like all three shades of this thermal so it was a pleasure to watch it change colours.


*provided by the brand


  • Wow what a stunning collection <3

    • I’m absolutely thrilled! Can’t wait to wear that bright pink-coral, Light Up, again ?