Hello everyone! I hope you’re having a great Monday 🙂

Today I want to show you yet another beautiful Cadillacquer polish. This shade is a part of Lakodom collection (Russian stockist) and was created by Mila who works at Lakodom.

The base is a dark chocolate colour and it’s packed with gold flakes of different sizes.

I used two coats for my pictures but depending on your application and nail length you might need three coats for sure. I also added a layer of topcoat for extra gloss.

Thanks to the texture of the polish (it’s a jelly) it never looks heavy and those gold flakes make it even more beautiful. I was so happy I got such a big flake on my ring finger nail — I was paying it compliments during the whole photoshoot 🙂

A couple of years ago I would say that brown polishes were not my thing but now I look at this chocolate shade and can’t be happier that I own it.

Do you wear brown polishes?


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    Chocolate … *_* Even if I dislike the huge glitters, in that case I might be gluttony and willing to have a crunch (not a crush for once haha XD) of your nails ! Though as I always prefer vivid colors, this one is not my jam. So please don’t talk anymore about chocolate ^^ Oh… And for the 572324th time, you’re the best swatcher *_* <3

    • Thank you, my dear friend!
      I remember when I wasn’t a fan of brown polishes at all 🙂
      Now some of them are so pretty that I fall in love easily! This polish is a good example of those types of browns I love hehe 🙂