Today’s post is about two polishes that have been recently added to the Cadillacquer family. They are a fresh take on a couple of previously released shades from the brand that were discontinued at some point.

9 Crimes is a sister polish to the old 9 Crimes shade. I don’t own the first version as I wasn’t even aware of indie polishes back then. In case you’re interested, there are swatches here (click). I do have the first version of Loki so I’ll add a comparison picture for you to see for yourself.

Let’s see the updated version then!

9 Crimes

It is described as a light grey crelly with subtle gold shimmer and different sized metallic silver glitter. This polish is prone to changing its shade depending on the light. I’ve seen it as light blue, blue, dusty blue, bluish grey and finally as simply grey polish. Most of the time that blue undertone is there so I can’t call this shade just grey 🙂 I love colours like that so 9 Crimes is definitely awesome in my opinion.

The texture is wonderful here — it’s quite thin but it doesn’t run anywhere when you apply the polish. I did two thinner coats. If you have longer nails, you will probably need three coats especially if you prefer doing thin coats of polish.


Loki 2.0

This polish is described as a navy blue jelly with different sized matte red glitter. I love the original Loki shade so I was very excited about this one. They surely have the same vibe but I’m glad they are different enough because both are stunners! The new Loki looks like a very vibrant blue in the bottle but it gets a bit darker when applied on the nails.

The texture here was more on the thicker side. It’s not goopy or anything like that, it’s just not as flowy as 9 Crimes, for example, or some other Cadillacquer shades. It was easily opaque in two thin coats for me. I suggest a topcoat here, it will add more depth and that red glitter will pop more.

Now let’s see how the two Loki polishes compare 🙂

I have Loki on my index and middle fingers and Loki 2.0 on my ring and little fingers. I did three coats of Loki the original and two of the new version. The new Loki looks more vibrant and it’s certainly a deeper shade of blue, it’s not dusty while the older shade is more on the teal side and it is somewhat lighter in tone. Hope that helps!


Aren’t these two just amazing? I love Cadillacquer shades a lot, the unusual combination of base colour and glitter or flakies gets me every time. I won’t pick any favourites this time simply because there are only to shades and I won’t want to torture myself and I also don’t want to offend the other shade 😀

Thank you for reading!


*provided by the brand