This winter Madeleine from Cadillacquer has a whole array of beauties for us. There are bits of Christmas magic, arctic ice, winds of snow and cozy evenings in front of the fireplace. The collection features 9 polishes, 4 of which are thermals. They are available via stockists starting November, 17.

Winter Sky

The first polish is exactly the colour of the sky I see today if I look out of the window. Although the real sky doesn’t have all those flakies to make it more alluring! The polish is described as a grey base packed with iridescent flakes and very fine shimmer (it’s more of a dust, really). I did two coats but I think with thinner coats I would definitely need three.


Fly High

The next shade is described as a teal jelly, filled with small turquoise holo glitter, small holo flakies and sparks and red/copper ultra chrome chameleon flakies. It’s definitely  a polish for winter festivities, that ice-cold base colour looks great together with holo glitters and those copper flakes. I was surprised that I only needed two coats with this polish. You may detect some nail line if you really look for it but with all that sparkle going on why would you? 🙂


A Youth Written In Fire

The firs thermal of the collection is here! This shade is described as a pastel orange to yellow thermal, with scattered holo, red and blue shimmer and ultra chrome chameleon flakies in various colors. Well… I like the flakes here, I really do, but I don’t care for those thermal colours at all. They are simply not the shades I ever gravitate towards. I also think it would benefit the polish a lot if it was thinner (more jelly-ish) in texture. The base is a thicker kind of jelly and all those flakes only add up to that. I did two coats of polish over a nude base and added topcoat.



This pretty thing up there is described as a pale blue crelly with small silver holo flakies, red/orange/green aurora shimmer and iridescent glitter. I love light blue colours so this one is very welcome here. Those flakes and glitters give this polish a nice glow as if there were a thosand tiny lamps hidden in it. Absolutely beautiful and so aptly named! I did two thicker coats here but you can see that a third is very much possible, especially if you have longer nails.



This shade is described as a dark grey jelly with light blue glitter and red/orange/green iridescent glitter. I got excited about this one as soon as I pulled it out of the package. The swatches don’t really show it well but those iridescent glitters are such a pleasure to watch! If you compare the colour of those glitters in the swatches below and in the bottle picture above, you can get an idea of how pretty it is going to look like in motion. I did two thin coats here bit there was some unevenness which I didn’t really mind so I left it at that.



This is my kind of shade, it has square glitters in it, yay! Well, it is described as a teal jelly, with red square glitter and small pale blue glitter. This is sea ice frozen inside a polish bottle! Such a beautiful colour! I might be biased because I love everything teal but come on, it’s teal, it has contrasting pale blue glitter (which I though was a milder kind of white haha!) and there’s alsosquare glitters! I’m in love! Two coats here and no topcoat.



Now we’re on a thermal spree because the three shades left are all thermal polishes. Take this, for example, which is described as a red to pale red thermal, filled with matte turquoise glitter. The brand says this one is technically a tri thermal, so it’s possible that you can see 3 shades of red. I didn’t but the two shades I saw I liked very much 🙂 I did two coats here, maybe I needed three to cover my nail line when the polish was in its warm state, but hey, I was lazy and the polish looked good anyway so two coats + topcoat it is.



The net shade definitely has three different colours to offer! It is described as a dark blue to purple to light green tri thermal, with different sized matte cotton candy pink glitter. When they first arrived, I didn’t have the description of the shades so thermal colours were a mystery to me. When I applied this one and it warmed up on my nails to show its warm state, I could only utter «Holy shit!» and stare at it in awe. That colour combo is pretty cool, isn’t it? The coldest shade will be that dusty blue you mostly see in the bottle here. I think it’s a bit darker in real life that my pictures show. The middle shade is that grape purple with, again, some dustiness to it. I did two coats but when my hands were warm, the polish was a tad uneven so you might need thicker coats or three thinner ones.



The last shade is a tri-thermal again! It is described as a purple to blue to lighter blue with red/orange/green aurora shimmer and iridescent glitter. That lighter blue takes a bit to show up meaning that your hands need to be really warm (no boiling hot water, though). Two coats + topcoat here.



It’s a crime to release a collection where I like so many shades because I don’t even want to choose a fave! 🙂 I liked the thermals (except the Youth shade, sorry little dude!), they are so much fun to play with. I like those iridescent glitters as they look like twinkling lights. I also loved the names — they invoked the best memories of winter time for me.

Since we’re talking favourites anyway, I’m going to press myself and choose Nostalgia, Inspire and reserve the third place between Ice and Ignite because they are both equally wonderful, it would be a shame not to mention both!

What about you? Spotted anything particularly pretty this time?



*provided by the brand








  • Wow great set and those thermals <3 <3

    • Those thermals are beautiful! They do distract me from work a bit too much, though, because I keep staring at my nails 🙂