I know, I know, these aren’t new anymore but I have seen so many people still contemplating on whether to get the Halloween shades from Cadillacquer so I want to share my pictures and my opinion about the trio too 🙂 The best thing is that they are still available via Hypnotic Polish, for example, so they aren’t hard to get.

This trio has three more villains that inspired the shades so we got nine villain-y polishes this autumn. Let’s take a closer look at these ones.


Dark Willow

The first one is inspired by Willow from Buffy, when she took vengeance. It’s a neon orange jelly, with small black glitter and red iridescent flakes. When the brand says that this polish is bright, they don’t lie. It’s EXTREMELY bright!

I did two coats for my pictures and there’s some visible nail line there if you look closely but with two coats it’s still very squishy and jelly-ish and I like that effect a lot!



The next shade is inspired by Paul Spector from The Fall. I haven’t watched the series so I know next to nothing about it. My only fact is that there is Jamie Dornan, who is Paul Spector, and there’s also Gillian Anderson who plays a detective. That’s about it 🙂

It is a medium gray base with strong duochrome shimmer, a subtle holo effect and small green metallic glitter. The shimmer makes it a much warmer gray, almost to the point of making it a taupe. I did two coats for my pictures.


Poison Ivy

Poison Ivy is a character from Batman who is obsessed with plants. She uses plant toxins and mind-controlling pheromones for her criminal activities (now that is a cool villain!).

Her polish is a neon green jelly, with small metallic red and purple glitter. Again, super bright and eye-catching! I did three very thin coats but I could easily get away with two ones (although I wasn’t in the mood for thicker coats that day). No topcoat here!

I am really impressed with trio — all three shades are unique and beautiful! I don’t want to pick a favourite this time because I like them all. It is almost always happens to me when I see a new collection from Cadillacquer but hey, I do love the brand and all they do!

If you pressed me (and I know a fellow NPA wouldn’t do such a cruel thing), I would go with Poison Ivy simply because I really love my green polishes. No pressure and I’ll take the lot 🙂


*provided by the brand