October is approaching slowly so it’s time to enjoy some beautiful Halloween collection. Let’s start with the new shades from Cadillacquer that will be released on October 1st. There are five glitter polishes, two of which are thermal polishes. This is the first time the brand has thermals to offer and I think the debut is just wonderful! Let’s have a look!

Don’t Leave Me Alone

This is a thermal polish that looks pink when warm and changes to purple when cold. There’s also green hex glitter of different sizes. The glitter doesn’t need to be fished out of the bottle and I also think it applies evenly so I didn’t have to do any glitter placement. I did two coats of polish which was enough to make it opaque. The polish dries matt and somewhat textured so I added a coat of topcoat.


This is the second thermal from the collection, this time going from yellow with green undertones when warm to green when cold. There’s also purple hex and square glitter. I did two coats of polish here and decided to leave it at that although I could see some nail line when the polish was in its warm state. The reason I didn’t go for a third coat is the amount of glitter. Two coats gave me enough so I thought some more would be too much for my personal taste. The nail line can be easily concealed by using a nude base coat so it’s not a problem for me. If you feel like more glitter, you can opt for a third coat of course 🙂


This one is described as a fuchsia crelly with different sized orange and periwinkle glitter. This fuchsia definitely has some magenta blood in her veins so don’t be surprised to see it changing its hue depending on the lighting. I did two coats + added topcoat to smooth everything out.



This is a blackened teal with different coloured round glitters. It looks blue in the bottle but once you start applying it, it’s a teal all right 🙂 The glitters don’t require any fishing, they were ready to jump on the nails in their own but you have to do some extra brush work to place them evenly because sometimes they really like to get clustered together (probably in order to discuss their Halloween plans, I’d say). I did two coats + added gel-like topcoat to make everything super smooth and glossy.


Zombie Bait

The last polish of the new collection is an apricot crelly with brick red hex and square glitters and holo flakes. I call this one ‘zombie salmon’ although technically its base doesn’t have enough red in it to be considered salmon but for me it fits in my category of those polishes perfectly 🙂 It applies easily in two thin coats and a coat of topcoat helps those glitters pop wonderfully. I’m also surprised ho much I liked it on my nails! You see, salmon and I don’t get along well that often simply because my skintone doesn’t feel like it. Here, on the other hand (it sounds weird to use this phrase here, huh?), those red glitters help to make everything work s fine together. Love it!



I really like these colours as a collection for Halloween — they are fun, a bit crazy and just the type of polishes that a person needs to make this colder months more colourful! Since I’m also extremely lazy to do any kind of nail art, these shades sound perfect as a bit more out-of-the-ordinary polishes to wear whenever I feel like it. As to the faves here… I’d say Zombie Bait because it surprised me by looking so pretty against my skin tone and I also loved Don’t Leave Me Alone for its contrast between the base colours and that green glitter.

What about you? Any favourites?