Hello everyone! Today I want to show you what happens when you postpone everything until the very last minute 🙂

Some months ago (yes, you heard that right, we’re talking about months here) I got a couple of stamping plates (*) from Beauty Big Bang. I chose them myself and back then I really wanted some pretty Christmas-themed plates or a plate with some cozy patterns on it. They arrived at the time when I felt uninspired to do any designs. All I wanted was to paint my nails with just a polish and leave it at that. So I had to put the plates aside and wait for my nail art inspiration to come back.

It did come back… in April. Since my creativity told me not to worry, I decided to just go with it and do some designs that would be appropriate for every season, not just Christmas time:)

Beauty Big bang Stamping Plate

(id J3141TM-5A)

The patterns are really nice and winter-appropriate, right? Let’s see what can be done to rock it in the spring too.

Here I used bits of the pattern from bottom right corner of the plate. I applied my base polish (dusty lavender), then I painted some random strokes of pink and dusty purple polish with a thin nail art brush and finished my design with stamping some black dots whenever I felt like it.


Beauty Big bang Stamping Plate

(id J3141TM-6A)

The second plate is even more Christmas-y, in my opinion 🙂 At first I wanted to do a design with something that involved those cute deer. After some consideration though, I decided to go for something that was impossible to connect with Christmas whatsoever.

This is the finished nail art I did with that plate. I added a crystal here but I hope it doesn’t make this design look festive 🙂

Both plates are easy to use and I didn’t experience any problem transfering the images. I used a clear stamper from MoYou London here (the bigger one).

Now that my love for doing nail art is back I’m thinking of doing more manicures that involve stamping 🙂  Mr Corn is going to help me with the designs as soon as he finds the courage to give those flowers to The Flower Lady.

There’s also a coupon code BLOSSOM if you wish to purchase something. It gives a 10% discount for all items on the site.

*provided by the brand