A-England got their inspiration from the history of Britain and its literature for their latest collections. I already told you about The Raven (click here to see the post) and now it’s time to show you the swatches of the other collection which is called Tales from The Tower.

This is London’s castle, as well as a mighty fortress and Her Majesty’s Royal Palace. But wait, there’s more! It’s also an infamous prison among many other things.
Almost 1,000 years since its inception, the Tower of London, with its spellbinding history steeped in mystery and intrigue, still has the capacity to both fascinate and horrify.


Tower of London

This polish is inspired by Queen Elizabeth II’s official royal palace and fortress. It was founded towards the end of 1066 as part of the Norman conquest of England, and it still remains one of London’s most famous historical landmarks today. The shade is described as a grey gunmetal with flaming holo. A-England is an enchanter of greys! I have yet to see any other brand that can create so many grey shades, all with their own nuances and personality.

This particular grey gets warmed up by that flaming holo. It turns almost mushroom grey at times which I find very pretty. It is a tower with many secrets and its story (aka colour nuances) will unfold as you wear this polish in different light. It is very pigmented and if you’re quick enough, you can get it opaque in 1 coat. I wasn’t that quick so I ended up doing 2 coats 🙂 It dries to a soft matte finish so if you want shine, you’ll have to add topcoat.


Crown Jewels

This polish is inspired by the Crown Jewels that have been kept securely under lock and key at the Tower of London since the 1600s. Today they are the world’s most complete collection of royal regalia. The shade is described as a rich royal burgundy with a fine golden lustre and flaming holo.

This polish reminds me of heavy drapes made from some luxurious fabric. The golden shimmer there feels like some golden fibres were added to it to make it look more regal. The gold is more prominent in the bottle but you can definitely notice it on the nails too, at certain angles. The shade is very pigmented so you can get it opaque in one single coat. I did 1 coat of polish + added topcoat.



This polish is inspired by one of the world’s largest cut diamonds, and its reputation is legendary. Displayed within the Tower of London as part of the Crown Jewels, this impressive diamond was traded between various factions in south and west Asia until it was ceded to Queen Victoria in 1849. The shade is described as a glistening gold tone with a high prismatic effect to indicate preciousness and royalty.

Yeoman Warder

The next polish is inspired by the Beefeaters, the ceremonial guardians of the Tower are responsible for looking after its prisoners, and safeguarding its Crown Jewels. The shade is described as a poppy red (like the state uniforms of the yeoman warders) with flaming holo.


This shades is such a chameleon! At first I was absolutely sure that it was going to be a warm red and nothing else. Then, when the package arrived, I looked at it in the bottle and wasn’t so sure anymore. Then I applied it and it did look warm. Sometimes. When it wasn’t more of a colder hue of red. I can’t help but think of it as a strawberry red 🙂 The formula is lovely here. I did 2 thin coats for my pics. No topcoat.


The Princes in The Tower

This polish was inspired by the 12-year-old Edward, King of England, and his nine-year-old brother Richard, Duke of York, that were lodged in the tower under the care of their uncle Richard, Duke of Gloucester after the death of their father, Edward IV. However, while in preparation for the older brother’s forthcoming coronation the boys mysteriously disappeared, leaving their uncle — and likely murderer — to take the throne for himself. The shade is described as a velvety blue black (inspired by the sultry John Everett Millais painting ‘the Princes in the Tower’) with flaming holo lustre.

This is another type of shade that A-England does so exceptionally well. The brand has had a variety of almost black shades that were subtly nuanced with blue, purple, red, or other colours. The latest addition to the family is a wonderful colour. It does appear black at times but it is much softer. Whenever there’s enough light to see the colour’s true identity, you’ll be presented with a touch of deep dark blue on your nails.


Lady Jane Grey

This polish is inspired by the ‘nine day queen’, Lady Jane Grey, who was executed at the Tower at the age of 17. Despite being fifth in line to the throne, Jane was personally chosen by her cousin, and then King Edward VI, due to her being a protestant unlike catholic Mary, the rightful heir. However, despite fears that Mary would likely take England back into the catholic faith, the country rose in favour of the direct and true royal line, and the council proclaimed Mary queen some nine days later — a decision that cost Jane her life. The shade is described as a muted lavender holo.


This shade is so striking in person! It is soft and gentle, yet you can definitely see some force of character there. It seems ethereal and semi-sheer but it covers easily in 2thin coats. If you add topcoat for extra shine, the polish will look like it’s made of crystals. So beautiful!



This polish was inspired by one of Yeoman Warders who is given the unique, and esteemed, responsibility of maintaining the welfare of the Tower’s ravens. The shade is described as a deep bronze green with fine gold metallic specks and flaming holo.

I was certain I was going to fall in love with this shade. There was Fotheringhay Castle (a discontinued shade, I believe) that I love dearly so this looked like a wonderful sister polish for that one. It turned out to be even better in person. Those gold specks either shift a bit from gold to green or it is an illusion thanks to the base colour. It is beautiful no matter how this shift is achieved though 🙂 I did 2 coats + added topcoat here.


If The Ravens Leave The Tower

The last polish of the collection is inspired by a legend that say that if the ravens leave, the crown will fall. Today, it is still widely recited and six ravens must be kept within its grounds at all time. To ensure the flock, a spare is kept and each bird regularly has its wings clipped to keep them close by. The shade is described as a green-blue teal with high prismatic effect to signify the flight towards land, sea and freedom.

This shade makes me think of the North Sea and the restless waters with their secrets and sorrows. This must be the weather doing it to me 🙂 Whenever the sun hits this polish, it breaks into a thousand twinkling lights as if they are reflections on the water, and that fills one with hope and bits of joy. Excuse my ramblings, I was actually planning to say that this polish covered in 2 thin coats for me and it is shown here without topcoat.


If I were pressed to choose, I would say that right now Lady Jane Grey, The Princes in The Tower and Yeoman Warder are my favourites. You know with A-England, though, because their polishes are timeless and it’s always a pleasure to wear any shade from their range of colours.


*provided by the brand





  • Wow these are gorgeous. Lovely photos 😀

  • I enjoy your ramblings Alice, you make these polishes live! 😄 And I agree with your picks, although I would add Crown Jewels because it’s such an interesting and complex shade. 😍

    • Thank you so much Kathryn! 🙂 Crown Jewels is so lovely too! I wore it again and it was such a comforting yet very elegant colour 😍