Today I want to show you a very special collection. There are several reason for it being special. First, the inspiration behind this collection was taken from the characters of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, a comedy by William Shakespeare, and the beautiful illustrations of the story by Arthur Rackham, a famous English book illustrator in 1900.

Second, I love both litterature and illustration and to see these two things combined with my third love — polish — was a dream come true. I had read the play just before I received the collection so the overall experience was magical to say the least. Also sidenote: if you want to read A Midsummer Night’s Dream, try it with the radio show created by BBC, it’s simply fabulous (at least for me it was — I enjoyed every seconf of it). The show can be found here — link.

Now let me introduce you to the Shakespeare’s Fairies collection by A-England.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

The first polish in the collection is the one that received the name of the comedy. It is probably the essence of the fairy kingdom as it is ethereal and airy. The colour seems very distinct and elusive at the same time. I would describe it as a lavender rose. The overall lavender tone is enhanced by some beautiful fine shimmer that adds a delicate glow to the polish.

I needed two coats for my pictures.


Titania Fairy Queen

The next shade in the collection is dedicated to the fairy queen, Titania, a creature of exquisite delicacy and dainty elegance — the qualities marvellously translated into this polish. Titania is also a very proud creature and a force to be reckoned with which I am reminded every time I look at this polish under the sunlight.

I used three thin coats for my pictures but this shade can be easily worn in one if you don’t mind your nail line to be visible — that way it’s truly magical and fairy-like.


Oberon Fairy King

Next up is Oberon, the king of fairies. Let’s not tell him that I showed you Titania first, otherwise he would be very cross with me. He is a powerful creature (and hungry for more power too). He is also not shy to use any tricks  to get what he wants, even though his tricks are often of a joking manner. The brand describes this polish as a complex dark smoky green. I would also add that I see a good deal of teal at times (which I think happens because of the added fine shimmer).


Cobweb A Fairy

Now we are moving on to Titania’s fairies. Here is the lovely Cobweb who is a fairy servant to Titania. The colour of this polish is described as an ash grey and that sums it up perfectly. There is also some fine shimmer added which makes the colour more complex and interesting. The holographic effect never ceases to amaze here and you will constantly want to look at your nails and admire the beauty of Cobweb.

I used two thin coats here.


Moth A Fairy

Meet Moth, another fairy servant to Titania. It is described by the brand as an ethereal eerie black revealing a prismatic sparkle (I would love that polish just for the description itself, even without looking at the actual shade). It is pure bliss for those who enjoy dark holographic polishes — one coater, vivid holo effect, sprinkled with some finest shimmer.

My picture shows one coat of polish.


Peaseblossom A Fairy

Peaseblossom, a fairy servant to Titania, is a magnificient shade! It is described as a deep vibrant violet red. Sometimes there are raspberry tones visible and when the sun touches the nails gently, there’s such a beautiful holo sprakle that gives the polish warmth and more depth that it seems that the world stopped for a minute.

I used one coat of polish for my pictures.


Mustardseed A Fairy

The last fairy of Titania in this collection is a vivacious Mustardseed. It is a light coral pink and oh so adorable! It feels more like a jelly polish to me and although it gets opaque easily in two thin coats, that jelly vibe stays there which is great if you ask me!

I used two thin coats of polish for my pictures.


Puck A Fairy

Now we get to meet Puck who is a fairy servant to the king of fairies, Oberon. Puck is a clever and mischievous fairy; the jester of fairyland. He enjoys a good joke as much as his master, Oberon the king. Shakespeare describes him as a «shrewd and knavish sprite». Despite his love of tricks and his overall naughtiness, you can’t help but fall in love with this creature (and the polish!)

The brand says that this is a vivid peacock blue green. Depending on the lighting you can see more blue or green and there’s also fine shimmer that gives some blue glow at certain angles which looks fantastic.

I used one coat for my pictures. I would also suggest using a protective base coat with this shade because it’s that pigmented.

I am enthralled by this collection — every shade is well-balanced and has its own secret magic. This time it’s nearly impossible to choose my favourites because well… How am I supposed to do that? 🙂

If I had to, I would say that there are three fairies that appeal to me the most: Mustardseed, Puck and Moth. But please keep in mind that I would be left crying because I adore other shades from the collection too 🙂


Thank you lots for reading from me and The Queen and King!

*provided by the brand