A-England continues drawing their inspiration from literature and the latest addition to the family is a collection of polishes paying homage to Edgar Allan Poe’s The Raven. Poe’s darkest and most well-known poem was in fact inspired by a real raven — Grip — the beloved pet of English writer Charles Dickens, who Dickens taught to speak and who is mentioned in one of his novels.

The collection consists of four holographic shades capturing the atmosphere of the poem in a perfectly eerie way.

The Raven

“Once upon a midnight dreary” begins The Raven, setting the mood for one of the English language’s most recognised poems, that is renowned for its supernatural atmosphere. Poe’s spooky raven enters the narrator’s house while he’s mourning the loss of his love Lenore, perches on a marble bust above the chamber door, and repeats only one word: nevermore. The narrator soon realises the raven will stay, and that he’ll never be free of longing for his lost love, ensuring his slow descent into madness.

The polish is described as a jet black revealing a rainbow when hit by the light. It is a very pigmented black that can be used in one coat. I had to do two coats for some of my nails because the polish dries quickly and on my first coat I made it look uneven by pulling the polish on my nail with the brush. If you don’t get easily distracted while painting your nails, then I think you’ll be fine 🙂 The polish dries to a satin-y finish so I added a glossy topcoat.



When the raven enters the narrator’s apartment it chooses to perch on a marble bust of Pallas, the Greek goddess of wisdom, suggesting it is a supernatural emissary able to communicate with the unknown, and by doing so associating itself with both wisdom and the irrational.

This polish is described as a medium grey with flaming holo, perfect halfway between white and black inspired by the fusion of the white marble with the black raven. Before I tried it, I did expect to see just a grey. I should have known better because it’s never «just a grey» with A-England. The brand offers a variety of grey shades, each of them enhanced with its own colour nuances. This particular polish reveals khaki tones on me (thanks to the holo, I believe) and looks much more complex than my descriptive abilities allow me to report. It dries to a satin finish so I added topcoat for the second and third photos below.



The lost love and the perfect maiden who is the driving force behind the narrator’s obsessive thoughts and conversation with the rave. When the bird repeats that single word — nevermore — it immediately symbolises that this will be a mournful and never-ending remembrance.

The polish is described as a deep purple with flaming holo. This shade might appear blue in some pictures but it’s definitely a purple. My guess is that the polish has some very fine blue shimmer in it, hence that blue-ish glow. Shown with topcoat here.



The raven’s provocative cry, and the only word it utters in response to the distraught narrator’s questions, ‘nevermore’ evolves from the answer to the bird’s name to a prophecy of the more macabre. When it is finally told to leave, it is this reply of “nevermore» that serves as a prophetic warning that he will never again see Lenore or rid himself of the bird.

The polish is described as a vibrant ruby red with flaming holo. It is a sumptuously rich colour with a lovely formula! It does dry satin-y matte (first photo below — my index finger shows the polish without topcoat) so I added topcoat for shine and extra depth.


I love the sophistication of this collection. The shades are exquisite, the coverage is beautiful and the names are simply fabulous and make me want to re-read the tale immediately! A-England is the epitome of class and each collection is only another bit of proof of that.

My favourite shade of these four would probably be Nevermore. We don’t get a lot of reds from the brand but every time Adina comes out with a shade from that colour family, we can be sure that it’ll be stunning. Now my beloved Anne Boleyn (from their Tudoresque collection) has a great rival and I’m not prepared to choose between the two!


*provided by the brand





  • These are gorgeous! Ordered them last month so happy to have them. Will need to wear them and blog them soon lol!

  • One of these days I would love to do a comparison between all of a-england’s greys and silvers because you are so right, they are all different and are never «just» what they appear to be.