Some time ago A-England released two collections, one of which I talked about here on the blog in August (click). Now I want to show you the other collection called London Vibes. It has four polishes inspired by the amazing city of London and its places.

As the brand points out, London has long been the epicentre of subcultures of self-expression, where individuality and the spirit of independence have been able to thrive. London’s streets, though now mostly gentrified, are paved with the history of this vibrant youth culture.

Carnaby Street

Carnaby Street was a breeding ground of mod fashion and the heartland of what was to become the Swingin’ Sixties. The polish named after it is described as a a beige-tinted shade of pink with added flaming holo. This is probably the most wonderful holo nude that I’ve ever encountered for my particular skin tone. I don’t see much of pink on me but it doesn’t bother me at all. I love the softness of the shade boldly accompanied by the flaming holo of the brand. I did one coat for my pictures and didn’t add any topcoat. It wears well on me on its own but I usually like more glossiness so I added topcoat afterwards. In case you’re worried if it tampers with the holo — don’t be afraid, it doesn’t. Once the topcoat dries, the holo comes back in full swing.


King’s Road

King’s Road was a rebellious and unconventional hub of the punk movement during the 70s. The polish named after it is a grey beige neutral combination lightened up by a flaming holo. I was surprised to see «beige» in the description but it actually pulls beige on me all right. It depends on the lighting though but I noticed that artificial lighting helped uncover those tones and it was absolutely beautiful! I wore this one with topcoat and only managed to photograph it on day 3 so the tip wear I have on my ring finger is thanks to that 🙂


Covent Garden

Covent Garden is buzzing area for theatres and shops and it also was home to the Blitz club, the nest of the new romantic’s movement, that started in the early 1980s. At the height of a recession, the flamboyant Blitz scene offered an escape from the hard economic reality of this time. The shade named after it is described as a vibrant coral hue with soft golden undertones and glorious flaming holo. I’m a bit hesitant when it comes to corals but I really enjoyed this one. I don’t know if it’s the holo helping or A-England magic but whatever that is, it definitely works. I did two coats + added topcoat.


Camden Town

Camden Town has been an emblem of counterculture since the 1970s and it is famous for its unique underground feel and celebration of dark subcultures including gothic, punk, skinhead and new romantic. The shade named after it is described as a dark terracotta flaming holo. I would think of it as more of a chocolate brown with strong terracotta undertones maybe. Although when I google «dark terracotta» to see the pics, the colour looks close to what I see in this polish on a sunny day. The flaming holo adds a lot of depth and so many hues to this polish! The chocolate is more prominent in the shade but it still appears to be tinged with bits of red and purple tones. The swatches show one coat of polish + topcoat.


A-England is one of my favourite brands and it’s always difficult to pick shades from their collections because I tend to simply fall in love with everything. This collection looks so well-balanced and sophisticated to me that all I could easily pick all four as my faves and there would be no guilt involved on my part 🙂 I would mention Covent Garden, though, as this coral was an unexpected hit with me. I didn’t think it would look that fabulous, really!



  • Oh that collection 😍 it is purely beautiful — every shade indeed is. But most of all I prefer camdon town.

    • I had a hard time choosing a fave 🙂 They are all so amazing indeed!

  • Gorgeous set. Mine arrived last week <3

    • Oh that’s great! Which one was your fave? 🙂

      • Not tried any yet haha. Too much polish and never enough time 😉