There are four new beautiful polishes from A-England that I want to show you today.

The inspiration is from Burne-Jones’s series of 4 paintings narrating the story of  Pygmalion and Galatea: a classic tale of ideal love and human aspiration.
It can also be interpreted as a metaphor for spiritual growth and consciousness. The 4 steps of the story could be read also as: to wish, to ask, to receive, to thank.

The formula dries to a sophisticated satin finish and in direct light reveals a stunning flaming holo effect.


The Heart Desires

Pygmalion the artist living in solitude yearns for the perfect woman. This is such a beauty! It’s a blazing silver that has an amazing holo effect — I can sit watching it for days. Yep, days, it’s too beautiful.


The Hand Refrains

He sculpts in marble the image of his ideal woman and asks Aphrodite to send him a woman like the statue. I am so surprised with this gold shade. It is understated and calm in the shade but it completely changes under direct light — the holo is indeed flaming in this collection!


The Godhead Fires

The goddess answers Pygmalion’s prayer by giving life to his work and names her Galatea. This is a cherry blossom pink that looks like a million other shades thanks to that holo! So pretty!


The Soul Attains

When Pygmalion comes back and the real woman is revealed he humbles himself at her feet. The most delicate shade of the four. It’s more on the subtle side with its softness and hints of lilac.

They all dry to a satin finish and I like the silver and lilac shades both with their natural finish or with topcoat depending on my mood. The gold and the cherry pink shades look even more vibrant with topcoat so I prefer wearing them that way.

The topcoats I tried (about five of them) work well and the holo stays as bright as it is without topcoats.

I would pick The Heart Desires as my favourite shade of the collection — it’s a beautiful silver with a wonderful holo effect (please don’t tell the other shades because I really love them too).