A-England posts are my favourite to write because I always like every shade the brand comes out with and I’m not ashamed to admit it 🙂 The brand has recently released two new collections and today I want to show you one of them. The British Subcultures collection has 8 holographic polishes which are inspired by Britain’s youth movements with their iconic styles and attitudes.

The collection is available on the brand’s website (here) or via stockists like Lakodom, Hypnotic Polish and several others.


Goth is described as a twilight black with a red nuance and additional iridescent glimmer. It is very pigmented and covers easily in one coat. The red nuance is pretty noticeable and makes this polish a wonderful addition to my beloved collection of dark shades. The holo effect here is quite subdued which I appreciate, I like my dark holos to be mysterious-looking. My photos show one coat of Goth + topcoat.

London Calling

London Calling is described as a rose pink with added flaming holo. When this collection arrived, this was the first shade I put on my nails. I wanted something bright and rainbow-y and it didn’t disappoint. The holo effect is amazing here, it glows with inner fire and make this pink absolutely delightful to wear.

New Romantic

This shade is described as a deep violet with myriad flaming holo reflections. I love purple polishes a lot so I’m glad we got a purple this time 🙂 It actually looks close to Skinhead in the bottle but on the nails it’s a straight up violet purple while the other one is certainly blue.

Swinging London

This is described as a pale olive green with golden undertones and accent of flaming holo. Thank you so much, A-England, for providing the description! I am struggling to tell what colour it is, it looks so many different shades at once! Sometimes it’s a true olive, then it’s a grey, then it’s a mossy-tinted something, then there’s that beautiful colour and I simply give up and enjoy this polish no matter what colour it technically is.


It is described as an indigo blue with flaming prismatic holo. Blue polishes are another favourites of mine so of course I love this one. I did two coats for this one because I was distracted by a TV series and these polishes do not forgive you if you’re slow. The mistake is easily covered by applying a second coat but I’m a big believer that if it can be applied in one coat, then that’s the way I should do it (the polish dries quite fast so if you’re taking a lot f time applying your coats, you’ll probably have patches that you’ll need to cover by another coat).

Pride Without Prejudice

This shade is described as a light sky blue with a radiant flaming hologram. Even though this shade’s name has «without prejudice» in it, I was pretty much prejudiced with this polish. The thing is that light blue holos aren’t typically very flattering for my skintone. I was wrong! I love it on my nails! Maybe it’s only because it’s summer and I’m not that pale anymore but still! I’m not sure I can pull this shade off in, let’s say, January but one can’t have it all, I suppose.


Mod is described as a dark army green fired up by the brand’s flaming holo. It’s a very understated type of green, I would say it’s on the verge of being grey with green undertones. If I google this colour though, I see variations of dark army green and some of them look exactly like the base colour of this polish. I like subtle colour nuances in my polishes so welcome to the family, dear Mod!


Now there is one last shade, Punk, which is described as a bright green with flaming holo. The colour depends very much on the lighting. The base colour itself is a tranquil cool-toned green to me, the holo makes the polish look so much brighter and warmer! It looks amazing in the sun!

Isn’t that a beautiful collection? I had such a wonderful time wearing these polishes. Actually wearing them! I enjoyed each shade a lot but if we’re following the tradition of choosing faves, I’ll take Swinging London, Pride Without Prejudice and here I’m torn between Skinhead and New Romantic 🙂

I wore some shades with topcoat and several polishes were so cool on their own (like Pride Without Prejudice) that I wore them just in one coat over a clear base. The topcoat I used (Essie Gel Setter) didn’t diminish the holo effect whatsoever. All the shades from the collection have a satin finish so if you like your nail polish to look glossy, then I recommend using a topcoat. The wear time was fine for me even without topcoat but I usually get about 4-5 days of wear with any polish anyway. Now that I’ve said the words «topcoat» and «polish» too many times, it’s time for me to finish this post and start swatching the second collection from the brand.

*provided by the brand

  • It’s a fabulous collection Alice, and beautifully swatched as usual! 😍 I’m quite drawn to the green … I love cooler greens and this is delicious. 💚 London Calling is pretty stunning also. 💗